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  1. Hey ya'll, normally a bar or two is hosting a pre-party with a U2 cover band or the house music is playing nothing but straight U2 all day during the day of the concerts. I haven't found one yet. Also I read there was a pre-party at the Hard Rock on Thursday night from 6-9. I called the Hard Rock and they had no info on the party and they were not aware they had anything scheduled in the form of a U2 party as well. Sounds like a fan meet-up to me. Me and my best friend Tony are flying in from Miami for the weekend and are looking to party it up with some fellow U2 heads! If you have any info you can give me in terms of the tailgate parties or pre-parties, it would be greatly appreciated. Have a great day ya'll! Brian
  2. Hey ya'll, flying into Phoenix from Miami with one of my best friends. We still need a pair for each night. GA preferably at least one of the nights. If ya'll could help that would be amazing! Also, I've been trying to locate a great place to pre-party at. Like a cool irish bar that a lot of the U2 community will be partying at while hearing nothing but non-stop U2 music all day. What do ya'll got? We have never been to Phoenix before so you could say we are a bit excited to say the least! See ya'll there!
  3. GA's preferably. I do appreciate it! (Phoenix)
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