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  1. Hi all, just making sure I completely understand this! My husband and I have separate memberships, but live at same house and purchased memberships with same credit card.... is there a chance that is we use our 8 presale tickets, they could all be cancelled? That is so scary to think about!!!! I didn't realize that was doing something wrong! Thanks for the clarification! We appreciate it
  2. Yes, in London-close to the O2. Thanks!
  3. Please let me know which hotels are the closest and best choices for the O2! Thank you!
  4. beershack- Sounds like we were texting Emma at the same time! Do you know if we are able to go through the Red Zone entrance with the rest of the Red Zone ticket holders? If not, we would be behind all the Red Zone and GA ticket holders and not have a great place to stand. All we want is confirmation to enter at the same time as the other Red Zone ticket holders and that will make us happy. Wish Emma would let us know that!!
  5. I actually just texted Emma and was shocked when she responded! I explained our situation with Resale Red Zone tickets and she asked which show I was attending and then she said I needed to contact Ticketmaster. We attended the Denver show in the Red Zone and it was amazing. It makes me feel sick that we might not have the same entrance at the other Red Zone ppl and as a result, not the same experience. Ginapier- Please let us know what you find out at the show on Sunday!! We really appreciate it!!!
  6. I hope someone posts about this situation too after the first show. We purchased resale Red Zone tickets through Ticketmaster and want to know how these tickets are handled since we aren't the original ticket owner. We have e-tickets.
  7. Have you learned anything more about your tickets? Just a little over 2 weeks out, so let's keep in touch on what we learn on our Red Zone resale tickets
  8. Thank you for your posts! I hope to get more info and clarification as the show approaches!
  9. We are in the same position with our tickets. We bought our Red Zone resale tickets through Ticketmaster for the same show, but it's the same story. I have spent hours on the phone with Ticketmaster (both VIP and Resale departments) and VIP Nation trying to figure out how the resale Red Zone tickets are going to be handled at the door since it's a unique situation. I am told the same thing, that it is only the ticket and none of the perks...but no one seems to know exactly how it will be handled that day. We are sick about it too since we paid so much money for these tickets. We are hoping we can enter along with all the other Red Zone ticketholders. I attended the Denver shows and did Red Zone once and it was amazing. Either way, you will have an amazing time. I think as we get closer to the New York shows, we will find out more info. Please post as you find out anything and I will too!
  10. We just purchased 2 resale tickets through Ticketmaster for the Red Zone in New York. NY is different than any other city because of not having the forced will-call for the VIP tickets. Just curious if you received an email with info about concert day entrance, Red Zone, Etc.? All we received was the e-ticket to be used on my phone day of concert-no other info at this time. This is very different than in Denver where we were in the Red Zone last week. Since we are resale, I want to make sure I'm not missing out on anything. Thank you for any input!!! Amy
  11. Is anyone selling Red Zone tickets for NYC July 30th or July 31st? Please let me know! Thank you!
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