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  1. Something worth remembering is that almost all these arenas are home to NBA and NHL teams and this will be in the middle of the playoffs. It would be hard to fill all the available dates around NYC, LA, BOS, CHI etc for fear of schedule conflict. So adding dates IMO are not guaranteed like 2015.
  2. Really odd procedure for the pre-sale today. I had to filter through and finally got a pair in the uppers for Chicago for $250. Wanted GA but there were none available. Oh well. I'm in. Got E.L.O. tix this morning and now U2 for my 8th anniversary. Happy but this seems to be getting harder and harder. Feeling grateful. Good luck everyone.
  3. I don't remember if we had choose the city we wanted to attend during the setup. Does anybody remember? And if we did, is there a way we can change the city? I've decided I want to see them in another city. If anybody or a moderator can help I'd appreciate. Thanks.
  4. Get there as early as possible. Normally parking lots open around 2 pm, so you can head out early, park and be in the stadium in plenty of time. Gillette is the worst at these events. Also, beer sales will cut off 2 songs into U2s setlist so plan accordingly in that department. Good luck all.
  5. If you park in one of the alternate parking lots (IE private businesses that allow/charge you to use their spots) along Rt. 1, you will get spit out into traffic sooner and the wait may not be as long. But you have to walk further to your car along a dimly lit road. Unfortunately, there really is no way around getting stuck in traffic unless you leave early. Good luck.
  6. Wrong. They've put in 40 years and can do whatever they want. There are no rules to art. That's the risk you take when you pay admission to the museum. Do you think the Gallery of the Academy of Florence is worried that you might be offended by the statue of David? And they have always been a band built on their beliefs and it is in their lyrics. If you feel some sort of guilt by them expressing their opinions; whether it's political or religious or whatever, then that is on you. You can't sit here and say that someone should not make you feel as if you're opinion is wrong and then say he should not express himself. That is hypocritical. THAT is wrong.
  7. I predict a first set of mixed songs. Then go into JT in its normal sequence, as the second half. 2 or 3 song encore.
  8. Due to my wife being called into work at her hospital, I have a pair of tickets for tonight's show available. I know everyone is looking for GA so I am willing to part with these for less than I paid. I just don't want them to go to waste. They are section 319, seats 13&14. I'm looking for $150 for the pair (paid $226). If someone just wants (1), I'd consider going and sitting with you, but I prefer to sell both. I did GA for Boston 1 and had a blast so I am trying to pay it forward to someone just trying to get in tonight. Please be ready to pay through Paypal and I will email you the PDFs of the tickets to print out. I live a little outside the city and can't come into the city to hand you a print out of the tickets. PM only please - mods
  9. I've been searching social media but haven't confirmed anything. Lots of rumors floating around.
  10. I walked up at 7 pm and went in with no wrist bands and when I arrived to the floor about 10 minutes later (thanks for all the stairs) I was standing behind 1 person on the rail. I did this to show my wife that there is no need to be in line at 8 am. We moved around all night and had great vantage points throughout the show. Bought beers, used the RR and still was able to walk right up to the B stage (about 3 deep) at just about any point of the show. I like the way they designed this stage setup because it means you don't HAVE to be on the rail and in line at the crack of dawn, unless you are determined to be on the rail. Best U2 show I've ever seen. GA finally and it was so worth it and I didn't have to arrive early. Perfect.
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