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  1. pgleason

    Chicago Show 5 #U2ieTour Live Thread

    NY.....Miami.....California..... Chicago loves you soooo much more!!! Where is our song?!?!?! Thank you for a great 5 evenings!!! Hope you come back!!!
  2. pgleason

    Is Vivid Seats legit?

    Vivid is wonderful until you get the convenience charges..... they added an extra 80 bucks per ticket!!!! not happening!!!
  3. pgleason

    GA rules from United Center

    Yes... as long as they go in with you and pay with the credit card that they put the tickets on with when the they ordered them. They will run the get printed automatically and you get the print out tickets and go to the show....they can walk out... very easy process.
  4. pgleason


    Hey Travelergirl- What wasn't to like about the show!!! It was great! I wish I were that guy that got pulled on stage to sing!!!! That was a great moment!!!!
  5. pgleason


    I'm 3 for 3 and the spirit keeps getting better. Great Great show. Saved the best for the Windy City. Sorry NY!!!
  6. pgleason

    Need 1 GA or RZ to 6/28 Sunday Chicago

    I'll take it! How much? Thank you! Pete
  7. Hello- I have 2 extra tickets to the show tonight. They are hard tickets. I will be going to the show tonight as well and sitting right next to you. Must be a true fan!!! No re-selling of tickets!!! Let me know. I'm heading there in a couple of hours. They are great seats!!! Thank you and cheers! Pete
  8. pgleason

    Chicago Shows 1 And 2 #U2ieTour Live Thread

    The Edge not so serious!!! Chicago #1
  9. pgleason

    In need of 2 GA's for U2 #2 Chicago

    In search of 2 GA's Chicago for Thursday June 25th. Please let me know. Thank you!!!
  10. pgleason

    GA rules from United Center

    Tim- You are the MAN!!! Great info!!! The one other thing that I would say to all the U2 fans out there is to stay East of Damen!!! Once you start heading West towards Westrn Ave. it could become Chiraq!!!! East towards the city is fine. Good luck everyone! Uncle Pete
  11. pgleason

    Chicago - United Center - Which Seats Are Best?

    Hey Ingrida- Could you please explain to me how you are viewing the live streams? That is something that I would enjoy watching. Thanks in advance. Cheers! Pete
  12. pgleason

    Updated stage set up- United Center

    Kwaite- Are you sure it's not backwards?
  13. Are they playing Arcade Fire Wake Up before they go on??? They also did that during the Elevation tour. Please let me know so I can grab my beers and run to my seats!!! Don't want to miss a second of the event!!! Cheers! Pete
  14. pgleason

    Which hotel? This is hotel is a straight shot east of the UC. Don't know pricing but I believe it's resonable and close enough but not too close. Cheers!
  15. pgleason

    The End

    Great shot- He is looking right at you!