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  1. geowickey

    Expired CC--- Will it work in Dublin?

    Thank you, Max.. So to add a layer of complexity... I just scored RZ for Night 4 so I am considering selling my Night 3 GAs to a worthy fan. IF I go that route should I pursue a transfer of some sort through the venue or should I just give the buyer my expired CC???
  2. Hi.. I purchased 2 GAs for Dublin Night 3. These are paperless tickets. I have the email and I have the original credit card used for the purchase. BUT the bank sent me a new replacement CC since then... WILL I BE OK IF THEY SCAN THE ORIGINAL (but now expired) CC???? Or do I need to do something else and what would that be? Thx! GW
  3. geowickey

    Dublin 3 Arena Red Zone

    I was referring moreso to the proximity to the main stage and not the catwalk... When I did Red Zone for I+e the front of the section overlapped with the stage. The Dublin TM graphic I posted shows RZ to the side of the stage with no overlap... Here - have a look at the seating chart from 2015 Chicago to see what I am saying compared to the 3Arena chart...
  4. geowickey

    Any Americans Going/Gone to Dublin Show?

    Saw them at Croke (Vertigo years back and JT last summer). We are doing Night 3 (Friday) this November. Scored a pair of GAs about 8 hours into the Innocence presale after a very long day of trying... Grateful... Flights booked. AirBnB booking request is in just today... SO EXCITED!!
  5. geowickey

    Dublin 3 Arena Red Zone

    From Ticketmaster... Not sure if it will really be so far off left/right from the stage but here is the current graphic...
  6. I was overcome with emotion at the Dublin show. I cried through probably 4-5 songs. There might have been one or two u2 shows as good or better out of the 25 or so shows I have been to in the last 30 years... BUT I do not remember which ones. WOW! Just wow... I feel so fortunate to have been at this one. Thank you to the fellow fans who came through and reached out to me to help me with the one ticket I needed... All good. Karma is good.
  7. I just messaged you.. Yes please...
  8. geowickey

    Need 2 Dublin Red Zone

    I actually need one Pitch 2 (we have one for the two of us now). But I am striking out so attempting to go this route and if I score I will sell my existing single Pitch 2 for face value to a worthy fan. Can anyone help with either 2 RZ's or a single Pitch 2? Please?
  9. geowickey

    Need a single Pitch 2

    Making the trek from Chicago.. Flights booked, AirBnB paid. 2 of us going but only one of us has a ticket... Please please help. Thx!
  10. Please- I need one PITCH 2 for DUBLIN (or two RZ and I will then sell my single PITCH 2 to a deserving fan)

  11. Still working hard to find one PITCH 2 GA for Dublin... I have one but need one more. We are flying in from Chicago... Please please help. Thx! george (geowickey)
  12. I put more ticket karma out there. I scored two extra GA's in the rose bowl ticket drop on the day of the show but 1 of the friends they were for no-showed -- so I gave away one of the tix to a deserving fan in line who needed it... paying it forward for Dublin hopefully!!! Pls pls pls if someone has an extra Pitch 2 GA for Dublin-- pls help me out. Two of us going and we are one ticket short. thx!!! george
  13. geowickey

    Need one GA for tonight

    I just scored a GA in the Ticketmaster app
  14. geowickey

    Need 2 Dublin RZ

    Hi. I have one Pitch 2 ticket and need another but it's been rough so I'm trying this route as well- pls let me know if you have two RZ's for Dublin. thx! George