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  1. generationwithoutname


    Opinions are like ***holes everybody has one, pardon my french. Acrobat is very high on my list and I would love to hear it live one day!
  2. generationwithoutname

    u2 song of the day

    All I want is you!
  3. I became a fan of U2 back in 1983, listening to my older sisters War album. And the first album that I could afford to buy for myself was the Joshua Tree in 1987. I really wanted to go to one of the gigs in 1987 but my parents said no, they said that I was too young then. So I'm very happy that I can finally attend a Joshua Tree gig in 2017, 30 years later....
  4. generationwithoutname

    I would love them to OPEN with 'Streets' ! (MERGED)

    They opened with Streets when I saw them back in 1990 for the first time live at the Lovetown was spine tingling.
  5. generationwithoutname

    Nervous For The New Tour?

    "Nervous for the new tour?" NO!!!
  6. generationwithoutname

    New Members Introduction Thread

    Hi all, I've been a fan since the War album back in 1983........It was the sunday bloody sunday video from Red Rocks 1983 that made me a fan. I've been a member on here for several years....on and off. Started posting for the first time here since last week. Edit: I'm one of those too before Live Aid
  7. generationwithoutname

    Songs you want to hear on the Joshua Tree Tour 2017?

    I would also love to hear live, Acrobat, Gone and there are a couple of favourites of the War album too....Don't think it'll ever happen. But that's okay, I'm happy and lucky enough to be there this year for the 30th anniversary of the JT album!!!
  8. generationwithoutname

    Going to Amsterdam?

    By train.
  9. generationwithoutname

    Songs you want to hear on the Joshua Tree Tour 2017?

    Well, they used to play it live - the tracks on the "Wide Awake In America" EP prove it. I agree that this tour would be an ideal time to perform it live again! I know... but hearing it live at a gig is different than hearing it "live" from an EP isn't it!!!
  10. generationwithoutname

    So... This Joshua Tree Tour Thing...

    I agree with Countingbackwards on this because I am in the under -45 years old category of people who didn't get see the JT tour in '87, because I was too young then. My first gig of U2 was the Lovetown tour in 1990. I can't complain them touring the JT album again. I'm actually thrilled to get to see a JT tour and get to hear songs like Exit and In God's country for the first time live.
  11. generationwithoutname

    Songs you want to hear on the Joshua Tree Tour 2017?

    I'm especially looking forward to hearing Exit and In God's country from JT for the first time live. I would love to hear the song A sort of homecoming too. It is my favourite song of U2, but I don't think that will ever happen!!
  12. generationwithoutname

    Going to Amsterdam?

    "Going to Amsterdam?" Yes, missed out on it in 1987 so I'm very happy that I have GA tickets for the 29th of July 2017!!!
  13. generationwithoutname

    The Achtung Baby tour 2021 (whishful thinking...)

    I was there in 1993 and I would love to see MacPhisto back