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  1. cathycritter

    Red Zone and GA ticket glitch

    I'm a little concerned that I haven't heard of anyone getting RZ ticks that are just the PDFs you print out. Am I the only one not getting hard copies in the mail?
  2. cathycritter

    Red Zone and GA ticket glitch

    I would rather get those. Funny I got a GA tick also and TM said THAT would be mailed to me as a hard copy. Who knows???
  3. cathycritter

    Red Zone and GA ticket glitch

    I got RZ for MSG and they were PDF printable ticks...?
  4. cathycritter

    Seating Chart (Official)

    This is how my 2015 RZ experience was, as well.
  5. cathycritter 2018 Subscription FAQ Thread

    Got 1 GA and 1 Red Zone using new code that was emailed to me yesterday (not texted). I had not used my code from last week (which I only got when I called customer service). Even though I am in innocence group, I was able to use this new code today.
  6. cathycritter 2018 Subscription FAQ Thread

    I got an email this afternoon from giving me a new presale code: We understand you had difficulty securing tickets in the week 1 presales for the band’s 2018 shows. As we emailed you last week, we are inviting you to take part in the opening day of presales for recently announced 2nd shows in Las Vegas (May 12th), Chicago (May 23rd), Montreal (June 6th), Philadelphia (June 14th), Washington (June 18th), Boston (June 22nd) and New York City (June 26th). Below is a unique presale access code you can use for presales starting tomorrow, TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 28 at 10am local. Presales end on Thursday, Nov. 30 at 5pm local
  7. cathycritter 2018 Subscription FAQ Thread

    Well just as I didn't receive a code via text before the presale last week (innocence group) until I called to get one and they gave it to me over the phone, and then there were no lower bowl or GA ticks left; now I didn't get my Ticketmaster verified fan code texted to me even though I got an email saying I was selected to get an access code and it would be texted to me this morning. Surprise surprise I didn't get the code. I called Ticketmaster and waited on hold for 25 minutes, then held on with representative for another 25 minutes who then told me to write an email to someone at Ticketmaster explaining I didn't get a code. I did this and received email with code about 15 minutes later. Surprise surprise there were no decent seats left. All seats $330 and none in lower bowl, GA or Red Zone. :-(
  8. cathycritter

    Looking for Red Zone for 6/28

    Well this plan didn't work out so anybody reading this still looking for Red Zone for 6/28...many thanks
  9. cathycritter

    Looking for Red Zone for 6/28

    I'd be interested in Mindy's idea, Dizzy.
  10. cathycritter

    Looking for Red Zone for 6/28

    Oh ok. Unfortunately I can only take 1. :-( If this changes please let me know. Thanks so much.
  11. cathycritter

    Looking for Red Zone tickets for NJ or Philadelphia

    IF you didn't already sell them-was wondering if you had Red Zone for 6/28th for NJ. Thanks
  12. If anyone has Red Zone for 6/28 I'd be interested in 1 ticket. Thank you!
  13. cathycritter

    SOLD: Face value - 1 seat for NYC2

    I am curious as well-I need to sell ticks and I thought it would be impossible to transfer them before the show.
  14. cathycritter

    Credit Card Entry

    I am still confused as to whether I can "swipe in' my friends, showing my ID and CC that I used to buy the tickets, and then they go in without me. I don't have to enter with them in order for the tickets to be valid right? I've tried to read all I can about this topic and it's still not clear to me. Also some people are saying you can mail your friend the credit card and they can use that to get in, but on TM they say you must show ID as well as CC. So unless I mail my friend my ID as well, I don't see how giving someone your CC would work.