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  1. Bob Geldof... any of the Live Aid crew who are still alive... Radiohead would be great... and Edge did play with Muse at Glastonbury... The Queen, Prince Charles... a knighthood for The Edge ha ha.... bet quite a few Olympians will be in the house...
  2. Ladies.... and the odd gentlemen...and U2 gentlemen fans are very odd LOL If we are going to meet then let there be a purpose to our meeting. Friday 9th October 2015 Liverpool.... John Lennon's 75th birthday... Last time I was there was 1991..I was homeless and Liverpool is second only to London for how well she treats the homeless... glasgow is 3rd... Worst cities are 3rd Manchester 2nd DUBLIN and 1st prize goes to Blackburn lancashire I will bring my guitar...Staring at the sun... no problem Karaoke bar.. we can sing u2 songs until we get kicked out onto the streets... if we end up on the streets we can find a homeless person and sing U2 songs until we have earned them a bed for the night... people will either pay us to sing or pay us to shut the f... up!!! There is even a Clayton Place in Liverpool and... I lit a candle for Amnesty International in July 1991 in the church that looks like a crown... Mr McCarthy was released a week later... I'm pretty sure Yoko lights the Imagine Peace beacon in Iceland but they will be doing something huge in Liverpool...
  3. You Lucky Luck person....well done... congratulations....your friend circle will greatly increase...
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