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  1. shakyfan

    Wrong City!

    Just seen this! Very useful as it's a nightmare trying to figure out where you'll be seated when offered tickets for the SSE. Have now bookmarked for future reference.
  2. shakyfan

    When should the tickets be visible?

    If you buy GA tickets you need to present the card that was used to buy them when you enter the venue.
  3. shakyfan

    Wrong City!

    The stage setup seems to be the same as 2015 so I'd say you'll get a good view wherever you are. They made good use of the B stage the last time so even people in the £38 seats at the back would have seen plenty.
  4. Easyjet fly direct from Belfast International to Liverpool. At the moment you can only book flights up to and including Satuirday 27th but checking for the 2 Sundays before that there are 7 flights on Sundays with prices for those 2 weeks ranging from £30 to £40. The airport is about 30 minutes by bus from Belfast City Centre and the buses leave every half hour,
  5. shakyfan

    legalised touting

    I see hundreds of posts putting all the blame on the people doing the re-sellers! What about those people who actually pay the silly money for these tickts? Do they not play a part too? If people didn't pay these sums, the touts might not be so keen to take the risk. OK you're not going to ever be able to stop it completely but it would help!
  6. shakyfan

    Credit Card will expire before Gig

    From FAQ section (specific to the U2 shows) ➤I am buying a Card Entry ticket and my card expires between purchase and the date of the show … That’s fine, you bring the card used to make the purchase, regardless of whether its expired or not.
  7. shakyfan

    Paperless Tickets for Irleand

    Maybe they will this time but there was nothing in Belfast last time. I ended up getting a used seated ticket from a work colleague for the collection.
  8. Ticketmaster Ireland are crap, particuarly with shows in the north. Quite often they only add them at the last minute so even searching for something brings nothing up.
  9. shakyfan

    Presale on Ticketmaster

    For Belfast they only had Red Zone and VIP listed at lunchtime but they're all on now. It's just TM being slow about updating the site!
  10. shakyfan

    Paperless Tickets for Irleand

    Great that it spoils it for the touts but there's a part of me that is annoyed as I like to keep the ticket stub as a souvenir of the evening. Even if they were to print out something when you present your card on the way in...
  11. shakyfan

    Dublin Shows 1 And 2 #U2ieTour Live Thread

    <script async src="//" charset="utf-8"></script> Where there Belfast shirts available last week? I couldn't see any.