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  1. I knew you would get a kick out of that!! Not to ruin it for you, but those glasses to remind of this guy. He used to be on a reality show called, Storage Wars. Every time I've seen him and in person. Once at the races, he was totally wasted, but nice.....haha and another time on the 10 freeway driving a vintage car....We were in the car and I said, hey look it's Barry and he's always wearing Bono's glasses!! OMG hahaha I'll never be able to unsee that
  2. Yea, so true..but lately or last night....Bono and Edge are killing me! There are so many gifs to be made out of this award show! I'll give it a shot soon
  3. these two make good gif material! I had one similar from London, I'll try to find it
  4. Your phone's screen quality is higher I always have to resize pics from phone too.
  5. "Don't even try. He's mine. All miiiiine!" These two...
  6. I spy Bono..."Eye spy.. Cairo" Well if he starts to play too, it's gonna get a lot easier
  7. oooh! Just found this thread! I love making U2 related gifs. Not sure they work so well without captioning but here's a few of my owns...
  8. OMG that's awesome! I need this in every day life! Oh wait... umbrellas
  9. LACMA Rain Room. -Edge Uh oh... Hope he's not being beamed up back to his planet of origin!
  10. Bono's recent pics are really heartwarming. He captures joy and hope where some only see sorrow and darkness. He has such a beautiful way of raising awareness about the refugees. That's where in the world he always is, where people need him to be! Hero ❤️
  11. And The Edge just posted too! He was at Ikea OMG he just killed me with this hahaha... He's making the whole game way more precise! That being said, they've been posting a LOT these last few days... not that i'm complaining or anything but, it almost feels like they're trying to wake up every dormant U2er!
  12. All in good fun, it's like a worldwide game of where's Waldo
  13. I don't know where my post about Jordan flying to Jordan to maybe meet the dad went... Probably deleted it unintentionally. Anyways. Bono is in Jordan! Damn we're good at this haha.
  14. Bono was in Kenya after all https://twitter.com/ONECampaign/status/714406063970369537
  15. Haha very true! Let the genius of the band handle this boys... So to sum up... Edge in Cali working, Adam seems to be in Morocco, Bono is in transit from Africa to god knows where and Larry... ha. I'd bet he's still at home
  16. ... I'm lost now, Lol. I guess that last pic Adam posted wasn't an hotel in California after all . Damn, they're hard to follow sometimes.. Anyways, happy Easter!
  17. Working!!! (and struggling to get a glass of wine seemingly) yes! Word out is that he could be working with jacknife Lee,maybe his studios? The guys have been posting a lot these last few days... Something is coming.
  18. I remember he went there in 2010 I think as part of a One campaign. Might be!
  19. Eh! That cross referenced with that baby turtles hatching location... Bono was in Mozambique?
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