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  1. Read somewhere that it might be Beverly Hills hotel. The guys are meeting back in Cali for the iHeartRadio award show on April 3?
  2. He keeps doing that! Quoting lyrics lol! Gosh, he should sing... he remembers them better than Bono
  3. I know, I know this one doesn't really help with where Bono is.... but he was there at some point, right?! Just thought that one really deserved to be posted too.... Killiney beach never looked so.... perfect
  4. Don't know why that one resurfaced now... It was obviously taken back in August when he was in Kigali with Mario Batali.
  5. I knooooooooooooow!!! That's new U2 material eh? Right?! HA! It sounds very AB era, can't wait to hear some more! I thought it might have been filmed some time ago, I remember Edge posting a pic when he went to the Fender place. And on that last song, the recorded tape is all bongloese... Might be an early take. Anyways! Good news on our way so weeeeeeeee
  6. Somewhere around these places I guess http://www.roughguides.com/article/9-of-the-best-places-to-watch-baby-turtles-hatch/ Yeap, probably good news that Edge is back in LA! I also read that Adam's villa in the South of France is finally done. Maybe he's around too ^^
  7. Everything You Know Is Wrong... Well I know at least lol
  8. That one made me think instantaneously of the One video by Corbijn. Tad bit older but the look in his eyes is just the exact same one
  9. I'm gonna be very down to earth for once but I wonder where he took that baby turtles pic. Def doesn't look like Killiney beach! (I'm not really good at turtles matter, but i guess they don't lay eggs in Ireland lol). And with the Edge back in LA... Does that mean they're already done working on SOE?
  10. Bono still has to learn how to use the share feature on Instagram but he's getting good with effects! Wonder what the hell is that one ! That blurry background looks awesome!
  11. Those lyrics are freakin amazing! It says so much in a few words... he'll never cease to amaze me.
  12. Madfl3a

    E-stage Party

    Montreal 1 (June 12th 2015)
  13. it does look really weird on that last pic lol! Hopefully just a mere trick of lights
  14. Oh Adam... there was no way he wouldn't post for his birthday! That post weirdly saddened me, "Happy birthday to me" as if he was alone. I know he probably wasn't but eh, felt weird
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  16. Hahaha I don't have that problem, they usually (every single time actually) show up like 5 minutes after I left. I'm the Black Cat. People don't go to signing lines with me anymore
  17. Yeah it was a smart move from the guys - they know we might show up at the studios because eh, it's the studios - but we would never go as far as bother them at home. We have too much respect for them to do that. Quite glad about it actually, hope people will let them work in peace! We need that album!
  18. That's def the name I read! Would make sense yeah - also explains all the movement that occured down Hanover Quay, probably moving some stuff out!
  19. From the album: Paris #U2ieTour

    Go girl, go!
  20. From the album: Paris #U2ieTour

  21. Madfl3a


    From the album: Paris #U2ieTour

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