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  1. U2 a melhor safra do mundo

    I will say the all the bottles. They look so beautiful! They make my heart pumping fast! I wonder why!😍😍😍😍 If l had the collection of bottles? They would go in the glass cabinet! I would lock them up and they will be only for looking at. Not for touching in anyway. I absolutely love them. ❤❤❤❤

    Thanks for sending the photo! I didn't see the Super Moon and the eclipse. It was cloudy here in South Australia. Maybe where some people were but where I live it was cloudy. Couldn't see anything. They always look so beautiful. Thanks! Karen.
  3. Night Egrets and Turtles on the Lotus Lake

    Beautiful! Very calming. It helps me relax!
  4. _Her Fruitful Afternoon

    Pain! What i Said about hurt and sadness etc. I was talking about me. Not a good life.
  5. _Her Fruitful Afternoon

    I can see her knee now. It is very well done! Very clever! I was wondering Pain? Do you do art what is in your mind! Or do you look at something and do your art! Or maybe both! Maybe you can do this! The neverending hurt, sadness and pain from a broken heart that never stops! Keep up the brilliant art! Karen.
  6. 2017-10-10 23.44_2.jpg

    Very beautiful photo of the Joshua Tree stage! You could say it is very blue! Well done. Karen.
  7. _Her Fruitful Afternoon

    I love the lady! She has such beautiful lips! And her eyes and hair are so well done! I don't know? But she looks a little bit cold the way she holds her arms. Very well done and such brilliant and lovely details. Love the art. Karen.
  8. The Mood Thread (Reboot)

    Thanks to the people that care for me! It's good to know some people love me and care. It really helps and cheers me up. It's people like you I can really call friend's. Thanks!
  9. The Mood Thread (Reboot)

    I'm feeling very hurt! Sad, really upset! Not loved and pushed to the limit!
  10. _Just Float Above the Worry World

    Beautiful art! I love the tree trunk with the hole in it! All you need is a animal next to the hole like it lives there. I don't know what it is? But I love that plant or bush which looks like it has a bud coming from the middle of it. It's beautiful! Brilliant details! Very beautiful art! Karen.
  11. Songs of Experience meets Disney Pixar

    Love it! I really got a good laugh from this! It looks like Larry got quite a throw! Brilliant cartoon. Love it. Karen.
  12. Just OH !

    She has such beautiful hair! Lots of brilliant details as usual! Very well done! Such beautiful art! Love the art. Karen.
  13. Minigolf with U2

    I feel sorry for Bono! That's all I can think of.
  14. Hey! You can't blame me can you? It's not like I would have a big grab, I am not like that. Just a sweet little tap, nice and soft. And yes a dance! If others can why can't I? You tell me why I can't and other girls can. And there's nothing wrong with playing with them! Especially when you can't play, and you just want to have some Innocent playing music fun In their arms to help you play guitar, or to sit on Larry's lap to help you play the drums! If you think that Is un-cool when It Is helping you play! You need to have a little think? What Is help and what Is not helping!
  15. World first in the rolling out of SoE...

    Brillian cartoon! But Bono? Stay away from the bike cycles! Love the cartoon. Karen.