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  1. Spring. The birds are singing and flowers are blooming. Love the bug, it is very cute. Love the art. Karen
  2. There's nothing like a quicky. Quick sketch can be a good sketch. And it is a very lovely sketch for a quicky. Karen
  3. Love the Japanese garden. It looks very lovely. Karen
  4. Let's shine like a bird in the beautiful secret garden. A beautiful garden. And very lovely art. Karen
  5. It must be a beautiful view to see such beautiful trees. Love the art. Karen
  6. Come on everyone, let's get trucking. Cool very cool. Keep on trucking. Love the art. Karen
  7. Looks like they are having a whale of a time. Love the art. Karen
  8. Nice very very nice. With or without you. That's what I say. With or without you. Lovely art work. Very nice. Karen
  9. I see, seashells by the seashore. Shells looking at you. Shells looking at you. Love the art. Karen
  10. Where the beets have no name. I say? Cook the beets up, Cook the beets up, And then they will have, They will a name. Of a beets dish. Cook the beets up, Cook the beets up, And then they will have, They will have a name, Of a beets dish. Love the artwork. Karen
  11. Brilliant artwork. It's a good laugh. I love bono with his shades, two fingers in the air, and the microphone in his other hand. Cool shades, peace to you all. Brilliant. The edge I absolutely loved his beanie, and playing guitar. Very cool. Adam I love how he is just so serious at his work playing his bass guitar. It is so like adam. Well done. And larry I loved larry with his drum, and drumsticks. Yep! He takes his drums everywhere. Brilliant. Your artwork is very much like bono, edge, adam and larry, only in a different way. Very well done, you did a very good job. Loved the artwork. Karen.
  12. Larry, cool, very cool. Well it's time to get drumming. Love my drums and love playing my drums. Great art work. Love it. Karen
  13. Let's all gather around guys, and have a good sit down. Yep! That's better. Time to relax. Brilliant photo. Love the photo Karen
  14. A absolutely brilliant photo of the background. It really catchers the special moment of the Joshua Tree. Love the photo. Karen.
  15. Bono What can you say prince charming no matter what the age. Yep! Good looking, a all round nice guy. Yes he is prince charming, he is everything a girl wants. Yes you just got to love bono. Karen xxxxxxxxxxxxx