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  1. I was only 4 Years old. So you could say I was home with mum and dad, with my brother who was 5 Years old. I can't remember anything about that day when Elvis Presley died. But I do know some of his songs, and some songs I do like. But it doesn't beat U2 at all. U2 for me I'm afraid. U2 for me. Thank You Very Much as Elvis Presley would say. Karen
  2. I was only very, very young, but I grew up with some Jerry Lewis movies. They were so funny that a lot of the times I would be in tears. All the family watched to. The Nutty Professor, was one of my favourite jerry lewis movies. It is really funny. Jerry Lewis is one of the great comedians and is a true funny legend. What you see is what you get. R.I.P Jerry Lewis. You are a true legend. All the best to Jerry Lewis family. Karen.
  3. I love U2 so much it is so disappointing that they always forget about us Australians and that includes New Zealand. It is not right to push us a side each time. I love you U2 with all my heart but it just isn't right to ignore us all the time. If other big bands can come why can't you? Your the biggest and best band in the world. Don't forget us U2, Don't forget us. I would do anything for you U2 to help you or let you now about things you should know. I love you so much I just wish you would come, and more often. Love you Bono, Larry, Edge and Adam. xxxxxxxxxx
  4. Oh boy it's very rough to read a story. Up and down I go, side to side. I'm feeling really seasick Where am I? Oh deer I must have floated away why I was reading my story. Well you get that. Back to the story. Love the art. Karen
  5. U2 I love you very much, I have never been to a U2 concert. I would very much love to go to a U2 concert, but you just never want to come to Australia. We may not be the biggest country but you have fans in Australia to. A word of advice to you U2. Don't forget your fans in other parts of the world you don't see. I'm in South Australia in the Barossa Valley. Im in the country but I am a big U2 fan and it is very upsetting you never come to Australia in Adalaide. I Would like to know why you never come to Australia U2. All us fans are asking for you U2 but you don't come. Why won't you come U2? we love you in Australia It has been so long, and you have had so many good albums since ZOOROPA because that is when you last came to Adalaide, it just isn't fair that you forget us Australians every time. Don't take this the wrong way U2 I love you a lot, I guess that is why I'm upset with you. You just never come. But I will always love you all very much you have helped me through so many hard times that I would like to give all a big hug to thank you so much. Bono I love you so much and yes I would love to meet you and to be on stage with you for a dance. You are my favourite. Yep! You are. But if you go to other places in the world to help them, and I am very proud of you for that.That is another reason why I like you. That's what makes you so special. But the point is you travel everywere to help people, but you don't come to Australia for any concerts. Never ignore other fans in the world a very bad thing to do U2. Every time you have a tour, us Australians would love to see you to. I love you with all my heart Bono, Larry, Edge And Adam, but fans in Australia And New Zealand are getting a bit P/O that you won't come. Don't ever forget us. A very bad thing to do U2. Please come to Australia and for the people in New Zealand as well. And a lot more often U2. Lots of love to you Bono, Larry, Edge and Adam. Karen xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  6. Congratulations to you Bono / Paul and Ali Hewson on your 35 wedding anniversary. I wish you all the best from the bottom of my heart. Ali you are a very lucky lady to have a very special, kind hearted man. Bono and Ali, have a few good drinks, and rock the night away. Yep! Rock the night away? Have lots of fun Bono and Ali. Lots of love from Karen. xxxxxx
  7. Turtle Power. Look out all you fish below. Come on turtles here we go. Let's dive deep way down below. All together of we go. Turtle Power. Love the turtles, and love the art. Karen
  8. Apples. So juicy and very sweet don't you think? Yep! I think they could make good apple pie. Yum, apple pie. Very very tasty. Yep! Tasty. How about it does that sound good? Some yummy apple pie. Great apple tree, and nice sweet juicy apples. Very tasty art. Karen
  9. Bono. A lovely handsome man with a lot of good talent. Play that harmonica bono, play away bono. Love the photo. Karen
  10. soe

    U2 bringing out a new album. Very cool. Another U2 CD for my collection. I hope U2 come to AUSTRALIA IN ADALAIDE S.A.? They better, it has been far too long since you came U2. You must see us AUSTRALIANS TO U2, it isn't fair we always miss out on seeing the world's best band U2. We love you in AUSTRALIA to U2, so please come to AUSTRALIA, ADALAIDE S.A. Love you U2 Karen. xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  11. ( 1 ) WITH OR WITHOUT YOU - I think it is a brilliant song, it is a song you can listen to over and over. It has that special sound where the guitars stand out. Absolutely love that song. ( 2 ) For me it is very close out of MYSTERIOUS WAYS and WHERE THE STREETS HAVE NO NAME. But it would be? WHERE THE STREETS HAVE NO NAME. - Great song and there's nothing like singing on the roof top of a building. Up U2 down the cops I say. U2 taking over I say. Great song and great video clip. ( 3 ) MYSTERIOUS WAYS - A brilliant song. I love the song so much especially because bono gets his fans on stage with him for a dance. I think that is what a lot more singers should do. ( 4 ) BEAUTIFUL DAY - love the song, it is a song you just can't help getting into it. Yes it's a beautiful day. That's what I love. But there is a lot more songs I love to. Love you U2.
  12. Spring. The birds are singing and flowers are blooming. Love the bug, it is very cute. Love the art. Karen
  13. There's nothing like a quicky. Quick sketch can be a good sketch. And it is a very lovely sketch for a quicky. Karen
  14. Love the Japanese garden. It looks very lovely. Karen
  15. Let's shine like a bird in the beautiful secret garden. A beautiful garden. And very lovely art. Karen