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  1. You have a good tast In albums. Karen.
  2. ( 1 ) With Or Without You ALBUMS ( 2 ) Where The Streets Have No Name ( 1 ) The Joshua ( 3 ) I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For ( 2 ) Rattle And Hum ( 4 ) Desire ( 3 ) Achtung Baby ( 5 ) Bullet The Blue Sky ( 4 ) All That You Can't Leave Behind ( 6 ) Pride ( In The Name Of Love ) ( 5 ) Zooropa ( 7 ) Mysterious Ways ( 6 ) How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb ( 8 ) Even Better Than The Real Thing ( 9 ) Lemon ( 10 ) Numb ( 11 ) Stay ( Faraway, So Close! ) ( 12 ) Vertigo ( 13 ) Beautiful Day ( 14 ) Elevation ( 15 ) Walk On ( 16 ) Stuck In A Moment You Can't Get Out Of ( 17 ) Discotheque ( 18 ) Sunday Bloody Sunday ( 19 ) Sweetest Thing ( 20 ) MOFO That is some of my favourite songs and Albums. Karen.
  3. BONOVOX.jpeg

    Sing out loud Bono, and sing so proud. Love the photo of Bono. Karen.
  4. adamandme.JPG

    This is such a beautiful photo. The photo is perfect, it is such a lovely close up and Adam has such a lovely smile. This must be and will be a time to remember. Love the photo. Karen.
  5. vertigo.jpeg

    So clear, so bright and very breathtaking. Love the photo. Karen.
  6. theband.jpeg

    A very nice photo of their ass. Something different, and a close up. A very lovely photo. Karen.
  7. bono.jpeg

    I'll put my arms out to all you fans. I love the photo of Bono. Karen.

    Four lovely men in the dark, oh how mysterious. The lovely blood red sky in the back? Truly breathtaking. I love the photo. Karen.
  9. The Mood Thread (Reboot)

    My mood would be sad knowing how many great singers and legends we are all loosing. Now seeing Michael Hutchence The Last Rock Star brings back so many memories of how great he was. And the brilliant music he had. There are so many legends we all love, Tom Petty and more. But we will always have there music. Karen.
  10. U2 in Santiago

    How cool is that? A U2 building, now that's what I call a building. A building with Larry, Adam, Bono and The Edge on it. Very! Very! Very! Cool. I love the snowy mountains in the background, also very cool. Snow is cool I also love the other buildings Well done I love a lot. Karen.
  11. For me it would be October. Edge playing the piano, and the song get me crying sometimes. It's a very touching song. But a good song. Karen
  12. CDMX OCTOBER 4, David

    The perfect photo of Edge playing the piano. Love the photo of Edge, brilliant. Karen.
  13. CDMX OCTOBER 4, Paul

    My lovely sweet handsome Bono in the dark, The real bright red lights you up. Yep! Bono it lights you up. Very! Very! Very! Nice Yep! Nice. I'm on fire, this photo just fires me up. Yep! I'm all fired up. I love the photo of Bono. Karen.
  14. CDMX OCTOBER 4, Larry

    Oh my sweet drummer man Larry what did you see? The look on your face, you look so surprised. I wonder Larry? It doesn't matter anyway you are very handsome and a brilliant drummer Larry. Love the photo. Karen.
  15. CDMX OCTOBER 4, Adam

    I love the photo of Adam. A great photo of Adam playing his bass guitar. Lots of full concentration Adam. Adam is on the job. Karen.
  16. Main stage

    Very bright and colourful. A lovely photo of a beautiful background. Karen.
  17. The Edge

    Great photo of Edge the piano man. It doesn't matter if The Edge sings, plays guitar or plays the piano, The Edge is truly brilliant. You could say he is living on the edge. Yep! You just got to love The Edge. Love the photo. Karen.
  18. Esperando por você Bono!

    Yep! The Bono heart Is truly the sweetest thing. So very! Very sweet. It's so lovely. Karen.
  19. Esperando por você Bono!

    Oh boy my heart is pumping fast? It must be the love I have for Bono. Faster and faster my heart gets. Yep! I'm in love with Bono. Love the Bono heart. Karen.
  20. Vertigo garden! I feel! feel! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! It's a garden called Vertigo. Very nice, and very cool. Love the vertigo look. Karen.
  21. U2 I would very much love it if you could sing a couple of Tom Petty hits such as some songs from Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers, and The Traveling Wilburys. Your the perfect band to do a Tom Petty tribute U2. Bono, Larry, Edge and Adam, I know you would all do a great job, after all you are the best band U2. U2! Please do a tribute for one of the great Legends. Karen.
  22. Ha! Ha! I agree? I believe in Larry, Bono, Edge and Adam. I believe in U2 always. U2 a special band, and the worlds best band. I will always believe in U2. Karen.
  23. U2 in Mexico City

    What can I say it's brilliant. It made me laugh so much I cried, you cracked me up so much. It is true, Bono is an angel, he is a very lovely man with a lot of love and a lot of faith Love Edge talking on the phone speaking to Adam. Brilliant art work. Karen.
  24. RIP Tom Petty

    Tom Petty was a brilliant singer with great music, and great at playing guitar. U2 I would very much love it if you could sing a couple of Tom Petty great hits, and maybe from The Travelling Wilburys as well just for Zootopia? U2 I know you would be the perfect band to do a Tom Petty tribute. Karen.
  25. I love the big smile on Adams face he looks so cute, he really Is the sweetest thing. Love you Adam. xxxxxx Great photo. Karen.