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  1. angel_28

    Stage set up

    Great point of view
  2. angel_28

    CD With Tickets

    I too bought for Vegas and nothing yet from AXS or TM
  3. I went in and bought silver package tix quickly, no issues. I yet to get the in the flash seats acct i created after
  4. angel_28

    Qualcomm Parking/Trolley Tips for Friday?

    Take the trolley , dont walk, that area can have many homeless caps and there is currently a hepatitis issue .
  5. angel_28

    Qualcomm Parking/Trolley Tips for Friday?

    Trolley would be easier, yet lines on westbound trains can get hectic. Uber would be pricey due to surge pricing
  6. angel_28

    Any emails yet for Phoenix or San Diego?

    I received my email yesterday
  7. angel_28

    Why are venue rules for GA lines not being enforced?

    Agree. The venues should respect their own rules. Otherwise I can show up with my own list and so can any other so called #1 fan
  8. angel_28

    San Diego Fan Meet up 9/21

    I will be there, would love to have a drink with fellow U2 fans
  9. angel_28


    people are already starting an "official fan line up" with two check ins per day. Ridiculous in my opinion. I hope the City and Stadium staff will respect their own policies
  10. Very nice detailed report.I bought RZ just to avoid waiting ll day as I have to work to afford my vice. Hopefully I will see you in San Diego and if i may, I would like to buy you a beer
  11. I paid face value, $350 each
  12. angel_28

    When to expect VIP Tour gift?

    I received my VIP silver gift on Wednesday. It had a commemorative medallion, ticket nice booklet and a harmonica. I went to Rose Bowl I
  13. Good luck, there doesn't appear to be redzone left. I got two during presale
  14. angel_28

    Qualcomm 9-22 Trolley

    Smart choice taking the trolley,just be patient since westbound trains are always packed after events.
  15. angel_28


    I will tailgate, come say hi and share a beer