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  1. I received my email to redeem my SOE album since I purchased tickets for their concert. I’ve got two codes since I purchased two tickets. I have the choice to pick a physical or digital copy. Since I have two codes can I pick one each? A physical copy for myself and a digital copy for a friend?
  2. I just changed my password and now it says confirmed...weird. I've received plenty of emails from them before as well.
  3. Hello, not sure where to post this. I've seen this question before and cannot find the answer anymore: Under my account info- for my user information, the email status says: Not Confirmed. What does this mean? Does it have anything to do with purchasing tickets or with the subscriber gift? My subscription is active til '19 and I have a green setup complete box. (I'm just trying to do my part to avoid any potential disasters.)
  4. I thought I did that already!?! Unbelievable. I give up. I never had this much trouble getting tickets for a concert. Hopefully the scalpers made a lot of money off the tickets I was suppose to get.
  5. I’m so lost. Was I suppose to receive an email from Ticketmaster now for tickets in the morning?
  6. Thank you Max. We checked with stubhub again and they confirmed he can resale the GA tickets, they are linked on a gift card and not tied to his credit card thankfully. And good to know about the resale on here, I wasn't sure how that would work. Thanks again.
  7. My husband bought 2 GA for rosebowl 5/20 from stubhub when I thought I wasn't able to get thru with the wires group. Now we are stuck with over priced extra tickets. Just want our money back. He has them posted on stubhub and realized they won't allow resale of paperless tickets. So basically he can't sell them. Now what?
  8. nevermind my previous post, I didn't give up, ended up getting GA for rosebowl at 10:30 with wires group.
  9. No luck what so ever with wires group. Had to buy over priced tickets for LA thru stubhub just to go. Whats the point in presale if other companies take all the tickets? Just not right.
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