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  1. A week into this, and many calls and emails to U2.com, Live Nation and Ticketmaster, and my presale situation is still not right.

    I am a long-time member going back to the Propaganda days. Renewed August 16, 2017. Just under three months ago.

    Yet I'm in the innocence not eXperience group? It's crazy. Have spoken to 10 people on the phone, sent customer service emails far and wide -- nada. Can you help bigwave?

    1. bigwave


      can you PM me with details? cheers

  2. I don't understand why I can't access the presale without resubscribing. I resubscribed paying $40 just two months ago. Mid August. Can you help?

  3. Renewed my subscription for $40 on August 1,6, 2017. Yet being told at my account page that I have to subscribe AGAIN to have access to U2.com presale. Does not make any sense .I have to pay twice to get access to the presale? (And by the way, never got the Joshua Tree vinyl that was promised..) Does Ticketmaster.com or Live Nation ever beta test this stuff? Why is it always this painful?
  4. Any update here? It's very odd, I can get into the RedHill Group presale, but cannot access any VIP options in Indy or Buffalo. Pretty upsetting if they run out of Red Zones, let us know here. Should I call customer service at Live Nation?
  5. HELP! My Red Hill Group presale code unlocks the Red Hill presale for Indy and Buffalo, but it will NOT unlock the VIP package presale, which I don't understand. I want to buy Red Zone tickets. HELP!
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