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    I have a Fuji FinePix S1, I wondering if a camera of this size is going to have any trouble getting through the metal detectors. I was yelled at by security at a small local concert because he kept telling me it was a DSLR (which it is not), just has a long zoom. I'm planning to be close, so no need for the long zoom. What happens if they don't like the camera? They make me leave..or what? No, I'm not a stand there and hold the thing up the whole show kind of person, but I like to take some good shots here and there.
  2. So is it safe to assume they are going to be doing wristbands until the line up starts at 2p? So if we are there around 1 we can get wristbanded and come back? Do I HAVE to get a wristband?
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