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  1. SOE Arrival Date

    Still no delivery for me. As of today it looks like my pre-order was in Chicago, and I live in CA. I don't think it will be here on the 8th, a week after release, as predicted by FedEx. I'm hopeful still. Unfortunately the excitement is wearing off for me. I was really pumped to get this album and listen on release day. Now it's just been a disappointing chore of checking shipping status multiple times a day to see if anything changes. I have yet to hear from anyone in the U2 camp chiming in on this problem. I guess to them it isn't. Plenty of people on here and calling support lines just keep asking questions and complaining but no one is getting anywhere as far as I know. If my vinyl deluxe box set comes damaged or the download code doesn't work as many have complained, I think I might just punch a hole in a wall or something (just kidding). I will be livid though.
  2. Where are my SoE Pre=Orders?

    I have the same mixed emotions. I wanted to enjoy it and share thoughts with other fans when it came out. A week late kind of takes the excitement out of it for me. It's yesterdays news so to say. But I will still force myself to find bliss in new music from U2. I just love em too much not to.
  3. There are fans still waiting for pre-orders of the new album. Can't anyone help get us an advance download of our music? This should have been handled by now. 

  4. Songs of Experience Redemption Code Issues

    I would think someone in the band or management would be checking these forums around the time of the new release to see if anyone is having problems. If so they could do something about it. Has anyone had any luck with help getting a download of the new album or anything while waiting for their delayed pre-order? If so, please share. I just want to hear the new album, now! I am stubborn, and I will not pay for it again. I already own three copies which aren't delivered yet.
  5. Where are my SoE Pre=Orders?

    I called the U2 shop and they are less than helpful. No download possible in the meantime or anything. Utterly ridiculous. They are a disservice to U2 and their fans. Not to mention the products and clothing are generally very generic / cheaply made. I will not be "pre-ordering" from their site again. I also ordered a shirt during the Joshua Tree tour which never arrived. Apparently their FanFire store sells product that is out of stock, as I found out with that shirt and most of the other items I ordered from them were also out of stock and had a delay in shipping (months). First you have to wait until they get it in stock and inventory it all. It's just a bad company handling this stuff. Obviously it is of little concern to the band and their management, otherwise they would be doing something to help us waiting fans (the day or day after release). I complained to and their store but no one cares. I need to take a patience management class or something. I'm done complaining for now. I will end up starting to hate U2 if I don't just take a step back now.
  6. Songs of Experience Redemption Code Issues

    Comment below to petition for a download code for the new album if you pre-ordered but haven't yet received it. What's the point of a pre-order if we have to wait, while others can go pick it up or download it instantly? Songs of Experience? How about demonstrating some customer service "experience?" Island Records provided downloads for some who bought Joshua Tree 30th anniversary re-issue who didn't receive their codes. We should be offered something similar at the least. I'm chomping at the bit here...
  7. This SOE is shaping up to be a gem

    Sometimes itunes will put a song under collaborations if the artist name contains a featured artist. I've recently seen this with Taylor Swift's new album (and I've seen it in the past). Try searching for the song name if you haven't tried that.
  8. This SOE is shaping up to be a gem

    Thank you for this. I was dumb enough to pre-order the album and now can't enjoy it for a week. I'm tempted to check out the leak but feel it would ruin the "experience" for me.
  9. I'm pissed. I can't listen to the album now for a week unless I buy it again? I already own three copies that I can't get yet... WTF?

    1. russpm


      Same here, pre ordered the extra deluxe box set and the regular CD, thought I would have it on the 1st Dec but nothing!! Fed up!!

  10. SOE Arrival Date

    I second that. We definitely should not have to wait.
  11. SOE Arrival Date

  12. SOE Arrival Date

    Even the physical copy of the albums that comes with the tickets will be about another week! I think U2 needs to address this issue. Fans should not be having to wait.
  13. Songs of Experience Redemption Code Issues

    Ridiculous. I pre-ordered the deluxe album and bought tickets (ordered cd's), and neither will get here for about a week apparently.
  14. SOE Arrival Date

    For me, it doesn't look like it for pre-order or ticket freebies. Could be another week! I'm ticked.
  15. SOE Arrival Date

    The title pretty much sums it up. Can those of us who pre-ordered be offered a digital download code of the album in advance if we have to wait for shipping? I think these should have been shipped ahead of time to ensure most of us would get them on the release date. Isn't that reasonable?