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  1. U2 Don't Promote their Best Songs?

    I partially agree. Sometimes they do sometimes they don't. Here are my favorites in order from the last few albums: SOE: Lights of Home, American Soul, Blackout, You're the Best Thing About Me, Love is Bigger... SOI: Cedarwood Road, Every Breaking Wave, Raised by Wolves, Volcano, The Miracle of Joey Ramone. No Line on the Horizon: Stand Up Comedy, Breathe, Magnificent, I'll Go Crazy... How to Dismantle...: Original of the Species, All Because of You, City of Blinding Lights, Miracle Drug. Some of these songs were promoted on Late Night TV to some extent, but it seems like after a certain point in a bands career they don't seem to get radio play for their new music anyway. It's a strange phenomenon. How can a band sell so many records and shows if they can't really even get on the radio anymore? Mostly thanks to their catalog of great old music and their dedicated fans I guess. So really, it doesn't matter much if they promote it or not. Also, if they give an album away with every concert ticket sold, it still looks like they are selling a ton of records! I heard that's partially how they got ranked no. 1 on the Billboard chart this time around. What bugs me more though is how they play remixed or solo / duet versions of some of the better songs on these tours. For instance, I really love the Every Breaking Wave album version, not so much the tour piano version. Also, the tour version of I'll Go Crazy was lame for me, the album version rocked.
  2. Have to Count - the new and improved one :P

    41862 - wtf? Why are we counting? I've seen this thread here for a while now so I'm just jumping on the bandwagon, but I don't know why :-)
  3. Where are my SoE Pre=Orders?

    I have the same mixed emotions. I wanted to enjoy it and share thoughts with other fans when it came out. A week late kind of takes the excitement out of it for me. It's yesterdays news so to say. But I will still force myself to find bliss in new music from U2. I just love em too much not to.
  4. There are fans still waiting for pre-orders of the new album. Can't anyone help get us an advance download of our music? This should have been handled by now. 

  5. Where are my SoE Pre=Orders?

    I called the U2 shop and they are less than helpful. No download possible in the meantime or anything. Utterly ridiculous. They are a disservice to U2 and their fans. Not to mention the products and clothing are generally very generic / cheaply made. I will not be "pre-ordering" from their site again. I also ordered a shirt during the Joshua Tree tour which never arrived. Apparently their FanFire store sells product that is out of stock, as I found out with that shirt and most of the other items I ordered from them were also out of stock and had a delay in shipping (months). First you have to wait until they get it in stock and inventory it all. It's just a bad company handling this stuff. Obviously it is of little concern to the band and their management, otherwise they would be doing something to help us waiting fans (the day or day after release). I complained to and their store but no one cares. I need to take a patience management class or something. I'm done complaining for now. I will end up starting to hate U2 if I don't just take a step back now.
  6. This SOE is shaping up to be a gem

    Sometimes itunes will put a song under collaborations if the artist name contains a featured artist. I've recently seen this with Taylor Swift's new album (and I've seen it in the past). Try searching for the song name if you haven't tried that.
  7. This SOE is shaping up to be a gem

    Thank you for this. I was dumb enough to pre-order the album and now can't enjoy it for a week. I'm tempted to check out the leak but feel it would ruin the "experience" for me.
  8. I'm pissed. I can't listen to the album now for a week unless I buy it again? I already own three copies that I can't get yet... WTF?

    1. russpm


      Same here, pre ordered the extra deluxe box set and the regular CD, thought I would have it on the 1st Dec but nothing!! Fed up!!

  9. "Limited View"

    I think it may be due to the walkway screen that drops down during the show, which is best viewed from the sides only. It may also block some of the view at the front end sections. The stage setup looks like the same as the Innocence Tour but I don't know if that is for sure. I'm curious too, can anyone who sat in the front lower sections where seats have "limited view" share how the view was for you? I bought limited view seats yesterday.
  10. While I can't justify paying for a membership every year, I can say I have spent thousands of dollars on U2 tickets, merchandise, music, etc. through the years. I am a die hard fan, but I have always felt that I should not have to pay for a fan club membership every year to show my appreciation for their music, nor to reap the rewards of being a real fan. Some of us have a hard enough time just paying the bills. That being said, those who do join every year should get some perks. I just don't know if it's justifiable to say poor people who can't pay for an ongoing membership should not have the same chance for great seats at a low price. The whole fan club system to me is just not the best way to reward your real fans.
  11. Until they figure out how to strip it down and give true fans access to a great experience without such hassle and expense, I feel the same way about whoever is in control of ticket buying process. I appreciate the mods / middle-men who only try to help.
  12. Whats the point!

    So true! Fans should have access to low price seats up close, other than these ridiculous VIP packages. General Admission isn't for everyone, and not easy to get anyway, but $325.00 - $ 651.00 for an ok seat for real fans, is just too much. What about your poor fans U2? I'm so sick of this system. The only way I could get seats remotely close for sort of cheap were to choose behind the stage or with "limited view." I would rather go to a U2 show with no special effects or gimmicks for cheap than to pay those prices all the time. I wonder if the band ever consider this.
  13. So which pre-sale seats are available to us is also limited to seats which do not cause one seat to be left un-purchsed by itself! What a joke. I understand the point, but why make those available to view then? Basically, anywhere you see a group of three, you can't buy there because the purchase limit is two and one seat would be left open. This is on the map view in Ticketmaster. There are many, many areas I see still that have a group of three left.
  14. Songs of Experience

    Landlady... you?
  15. Songs of Experience

    I got one of these also... What does it mean?