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  1. Okay so I'm confused... I know everyone is saying you need to renew your membership to be able to be validated for the sale but my expiration Is not until January and my presale status says complete. Should I just renew anyways to be safe? I'm just curious if this happened to anyone else? Also does anyone have info on the time of the presale? I'm in the innocence group which I believe is in the Nov. 15th group. I'm just curious on the time the presale takes place... And lastly I have been paying for general admission these past tours what is the apx. Price of red zone tickets? I would very much appreciate the help fellow fans! ?
  2. Do you think they are going to have an official 2017 JT tour tee with dates and all? I have plenty 87 tees.
  3. I kept getting the same message for Philly. I kept refreshing and finally got through. 4 GA tickets! I wasn't even born when the Joshua Tree Tour came around the first time! Time to experience 87 for the first time! Best of luck with your tickets. You got this! Just keep refreshing and try using a mobile device.
  4. I'm buying my tickets for Philly tomorrow morning. I was going to buy GA. However, if sec 123 and 136 are still available for $70 I'm not sure what to do. Suggestions? Also when I was looking at the Ticketmaster for GA-Philly under location it said side-view GA. Anyone know what "side-view" GA means?
  5. That would be an epic set list! I like the idea of City being fist and the second half being strictly JT! Who knows what they have planned though. They are always full of surprises.I seriously wouldn't doubt a Trump persona though after their performance of Bullet. Bono Fired Trump!
  6. Curious. Are there any U2 parties after the concert that are not a VIP kind of thing? My aunt told me there was an official after party for U2 during Vertigo.
  7. This may be a dumb question. But are people generally okay with you leaving the GA line for a few (for like the bathroom and stuff). My family and I would obviously switch off. I never did a stadium GA and I plan on waiting in line from around noon. I just want to know what to prepare for. I mean its going to be like 6-7 hours in line.
  8. Not sure. I hope they introduce some Songs of Experience stuff. That would be a nice treat! And I hope they somehow incorporate CityofBL.love that song and favorite performed live. All in all, they definetly have to incorporate more songs. That just wouldn't be enough run time if they only played JT. I just hope they don't give the Lumineers a long intro. Good band but not there for them.
  9. There should be enough GA available for the Wire group... the recommendation in this case is to enter as soon as the presale starts... Thanks! I'm just really nervous about second hand buyers getting their hands on the GA tickets. In my experience with the last tour I had to purchase my ticket from vividseats to get GA. It totaled $375!
  10. Nobody knows for sure. But these stadiums are big, so there's lots of GA--so yes, most likely they will be available Thurs., I'd say--like Max just said. If it was an arena, maybe not. Thanks! that puts my mind at ease a bit. This will be my first stadium tour. Do you have any advice for getting closer to the stage? I got lucky for I + E. Like is there a line and how early should I be there? Any advice would be appreciated.
  11. Absolutely. They only allocate a limited number of tickets for each presale. Thanks! That definetly gives me piece of mind. I ended up paying $375 from vivid seats for I +E tour. It was my first U2 concert so it had to be GA for me. Now I'm hooked. I certainly don't have $375 this time around. Plus I don't trust second hand sellers.
  12. I am in the wires group unfortunately. Do you thing there will still be GA tickets available Thursday morning?
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