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  1. I’m looking for video of the screen during Love is Bigger...during Chi 2. Friends were on the screen but I couldn’t capture it on my phone in time. Would love this momento for them! 

  2. adelem

    Mod help pls

    Try again now. Others, myself included, are getting Chicago GAs. Good luck!!
  3. adelem

    Ticketmaster- No GA avaiable as of 9:01am!

    Just got 2 Chicago GA's now (11:50) Not sure why I couldn't at 9. But so thankful. Keep trying if you haven't had luck yet.
  4. adelem

    Chicago Tix Pentiful

    I just got 2 Chicago GA at 11:50 am. Tried for an hour with the wire group this morning, with no luck. Tried on a whim just now and immediately had 2. Not sure what is going on.
  5. Just got 2 Chicago GA's now. Tried on a whim. Perhaps they released some more??? Good luck everyone!
  6. adelem

    Ticketmaster- No GA avaiable as of 9:01am!

    I had a horrible time with it too. At one point the app wasn't even accepting my presale code. I finally just purchased 2 300 level seats (Chicago) after not being able to get any ticket and any price to show up. Counting my blessing that I am going, but was really hoping for GA. I love the encouragement to keep being patient. I'm trying intermittently now, hoping I will find 2 GA. Maybe the regular sale will bring luck to you all? Best.
  7. adelem

    Best Venue to See With My 10yo Son?

    What about Bonnaroo? This would be closer than Chicago.