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  1. I’m looking for video of the screen during Love is Bigger...during Chi 2. Friends were on the screen but I couldn’t capture it on my phone in time. Would love this momento for them! 

  2. Just got 2 Chicago GA's now. Tried on a whim. Perhaps they released some more??? Good luck everyone!
  3. adelem

    Mod help pls

    Try again now. Others, myself included, are getting Chicago GAs. Good luck!!
  4. adelem

    Ticketmaster- No GA avaiable as of 9:01am!

    Just got 2 Chicago GA's now (11:50) Not sure why I couldn't at 9. But so thankful. Keep trying if you haven't had luck yet.
  5. adelem

    Chicago Tix Pentiful

    I just got 2 Chicago GA at 11:50 am. Tried for an hour with the wire group this morning, with no luck. Tried on a whim just now and immediately had 2. Not sure what is going on.
  6. adelem

    Ticketmaster- No GA avaiable as of 9:01am!

    I had a horrible time with it too. At one point the app wasn't even accepting my presale code. I finally just purchased 2 300 level seats (Chicago) after not being able to get any ticket and any price to show up. Counting my blessing that I am going, but was really hoping for GA. I love the encouragement to keep being patient. I'm trying intermittently now, hoping I will find 2 GA. Maybe the regular sale will bring luck to you all? Best.
  7. adelem

    Best Venue to See With My 10yo Son?

    What about Bonnaroo? This would be closer than Chicago.