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  1. Thanks all for your advice, much appreciated!
  2. I'm new to these forums. Just wanted to find out the general concensus, based on the relative high price of the Red Zone tickets to GA tickets (approx 3x the price), would people think its preferable to see three different shows (perhaps in different cities) rather than just the one show in the Red Zone? I appreciate some people can't get the time off to see three shows, but assuming you could then which would you choose?
  3. Last week we purchased 4 tix for Barcelona using the pre-sale code. I have logged into U2's website and see that my code has not been crossed out for some reason - is it re-usable as I thought the max was 4?
  4. My wife purchased 4 tickets in her name using the pre-sale code from my U2 membership. She purchased them using her own Ticketmaster account and using her own credit card. We only have one Ticketmaster account in her name as we share an email address and Ticketmaster obviously only allows one account for each email address. Although tickets are "non-transferable", as we share the same billing address and email address should we still be ok and not have to worry about them getting cancelled?
  5. Further to above, what happens if the ticketholder can't make the concert for whatever reason (illness etc)? If entry requires photo ID then would the friends who were due to go with the ticketholder be unable to enter?
  6. I'm worried we have made a mistake and will get our tickets cancelled last minute, can anyone advise? Basically my wife bought 4 pre-sale tickets last week for the Barcelona gig through her Tickemaster account using the pre-sale code allocated to my own U2 account. Both accounts share the same email address and billing address, but are obviously different account name holders. Is there a chance our tickets will be cancelled?
  7. Can you re-use your presale code for this if you have already bought 4 tickets for a previous show using the code?
  8. Just curious whether this paperless system may have been put in place as a security measure, in light of the recent terror attacks? Rather than solely to stop the scalpers?
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