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    More than 4 tickets in presale?

    This happened to someone I know personally. Their card was charged and Ticketmaster MONTHS LATER, refunded the money and canceled the tickets without any notice. It's definitely audited closely.
  2. summagal

    Was anyone able to buy RedZone Today?

    I got RedZone for Houston. $350 each.
  3. summagal


    When will we know if suites are for sale & for how much? Recently I bought tickets for another band during presale, and 2 weeks later, I was notified they were selling suites, which wouldn't have been much more than our tickets. UGH.
  4. summagal

    Parking Passes

    When/how are parking passes sold?
  5. summagal

    Dallas: AT&T Stadium Acoustics

    I don't know how U2 manages in Dallas, but I recently attended Coldplay last year and sat in the 300 club level and sound was great.
  6. summagal

    Scalpers have landed

    I have a direct link to share. How do I PM the mod? -- NM figured it out.