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  1. berger_william

    Tampa ga ticket wanted

    Looking for one ga ticket for Tampa. May have friends interested also if need to sell multiples. Thanks.
  2. Anybody know what poster looks like and what they're charging?
  3. berger_william

    Same Code / Same TM Account / Different CC

    I certainly hope not because I did that to get two for myself in one venue and two for a friend (using his credit card) in another. The transaction has his name and credit card so should be okay since they're checking for matching credit card and he'll certainly have a matching ID since it's his card.
  4. berger_william

    Ticket purchasing issues on - What can you do?

    I had much better luck with website (IE) on the Wires presale for Seattle vs mobile app. However, that doesn't mean I didn't lose my tix twice during the payment process before finally getting two. Wanted to get first level side stage, but never had opportunity to select my own seats and TicketWhore never selects those. Then I tried to get two in Tampa and could select my own seats ... but TW won't let you buy two tickets when there are only three left in the row because it leaves an orphan ticket. They had some goofy message telling you this, but it doesn't stop there being only one seat available in a row so ... more nonsense. So glad we pay TW so much in fees for the wonderful service they provide
  5. berger_william

    Tampa tickets

    Just another reason to hate TicketWhore ... couldn't buy 2 seats together because it left one orphan seat in the row. Of course, there were orphan seats in other rows that were showing. Best part was TW actually had a custom message saying you couldn't do it. Unbelievable. So now sitting across the stadium instead of side stage.