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  1. Hi guys, as I read in some old topics that maybe ticketmaster will provide some new tickets for both shows in the next weeks I was wondering if you have further infos. I'd be interested in to 2 G/A tickets for 30th July. Thanks!
  2. I wasn't able to buy tix I started to queue at 9.45 but still didn't make it... I'll try again next monday
  3. When you go to ticketmaster.nl , o n the right corner next to "account" you can change the language where says ;TAAL , that means language in dutch , then select english. It will work. About the second show I don't know but I really think will happen, anyway we will find out right at the moment that the general sale starts on Monday 10 AM. I would recommend to use a stable internet connection, if you have a cable connection to your modern would be the best, wifi could not be fast enough sometimes. Create your account n ticketmaster.nl so have it ready, there are 4 types of GA when you scroll down, don't get confused , GA is GA no matter which one you choose. Good luck ! Syl Thank you
  4. Hey guys! I'd like to buy GA tickets on monday so I have few questions: - can you confirm that ticketmaster.nl doesn't show the buying page in english? - I read that they 're going to add a second show in Amsterdam after the first, how much do you know about this? - It will be my first U2 gig so I really hope that I'll be able to have tix, general suggestions to be sure to have them? Thanks in advance
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