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  1. mochidachshund

    T shirts

    I see the shirts online are different from the ones being sold at the shows (more variety at the concerts). Will selection be updated to sell the new shirts?
  2. mochidachshund

    GA line process Rose Bowl

    Honestly yes. As long as you get there before 5 you should find a releatively close spot to a rail. Maybe 4-5 back.
  3. mochidachshund

    GA line process Rose Bowl

    It's really not that big, I think seattle may have been bigger. Rose bowl has communicated with atu2 and said they'll send out GA information towards the end of the week
  4. mochidachshund

    5/21 ticket trade

    Got everything figured out. Mods, please close topic.
  5. mochidachshund

    5/21 ticket trade

    I have one redzone for may 21, I might be interested in trading it for two really great seat tickets. If i do decide to trade, we would have to meet at will call...
  6. mochidachshund

    GA line process Rose Bowl

    On the property, last time no they didn't. But then again, I also recall they said nobody could line up before a certain time the morning of the show, and apparently there were people lining up a couple hours before that. Rose bowl security was a mess, inconsistent, and unreliable. We'll see what happens this time. That's probably why the mess occured. If they say no camping and starting a line early, then you probably shouldn't bother creating a line the venue won't folllow lol. All you're going to create is internal conflict among angry fans
  7. mochidachshund

    Recommendations for 1st-time GA?

    usually in a stadium setting if you arrive around 1pm you should get very close if not on the rail.
  8. mochidachshund

    Let's talk about the set list/ Set List [merged]

    I'm think Beautiful day, I will follow, and vertigo will be played too. Not sure where every breaking wave will go... hmmmm
  9. mochidachshund

    Let's talk about the set list/ Set List [merged]

    So he posted a rehearsal pic of his bass with a setlist in the left corner. There's definitely songs before the JT is played in album order. Then there's an achtung encore with one closing. Not sure how I feel about the encore. Consists of EBTTRT, MW, and one as the last song. Was hoping for 40 to close. Keep in mind, rehearsals are in progress so it could change
  10. mochidachshund

    Joshua Tree Bono 2017 versus Joshua Tree Bono 1987

    His voice was very messed up and shrill between 2003-2005. It was disturbing. 2009, he sounded brand new. The better question is: pirate hair bono or hipster hair bono?
  11. mochidachshund

    Need 1 GA...Can I buy from STUBHUB?

    It's a 50-50 chance. You can't know for sure if it will work or if there are even tickets on the prepaid card. The rose bowl may actually do ID checks (although it unlikely) as there's always a chance. I think itd be better if you buy from someone who will walk you in. Or just wait until we get a lot closer to the date. It's inevitable that there will be more ticket drops.
  12. mochidachshund

    U2 2017 Tour Theme Speculation...

    Nice set, but I dont think we'll see any form of Acrobat until after 2018. I think Vertigo or the miracle will open.
  13. mochidachshund

    Red Zone Details

    Then i really dont feel bad for any GA'ers complaining about RZ haha. That seems very fair.
  14. mochidachshund

    Red Zone Details

    I don't agree. RZ tickets are, in effect, simply deluxe GA tickets--and as such, RZ ticketholders can either go to/stay in regular GA if they want or have the option (which the overwhelming majority do) of going to/staying in the RZ. Also, it's worth noting that at past shows, regular GA was let inside c. 1/2 hour before RZ is (at least most of the time). Given these factors, this whole thing is really an nonissue (i.e., very few RZ folks want to go instead for prime regular GA spots anyway, and even if they did, regular GA still has a bit of a time jump on them). I thought we go in at the same time as GA?
  15. mochidachshund

    Red Zone Details

    Last time I believe it was 50 people on each side. My guess is 100-200 people this time since it's stadium and there's only one redzone section