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  1. Every Concert in Ireland the same thing, Tickets are up on Seatwave already and the tickets are not on sale until Monday, it's really terrible, has to be stopped.
  2. Rory 7, I too experienced glitches with Ticketmaster, I went through U2.Com into the ticketmaster Ireland website, was logged into ticketmaster as my name was on the screen, Like you couldn't find the 'Wires Group' had to refresh, time was ticking away, found the group, entered my code, got into the tickets, took two go's but eventually got Pitch1, couldn't get Pitch2, suspected they were gone from the day before, got Pitch one, proceeded to the payment, no problems there until I pressed 'Confirm' to pay and that's when the tickemaster started it's crap, requested me to log in! I was already logged in, slight panic rising in me, put in my password, would'nt accept it, tried again, same story, PANIC! Thought I was going to loose the tickets, had to reset Password, wait for email, copy temporary password and paste into ticketmaster login, all the while window with tickets was still open and the clock ticking down, had to put credit card in twice, eventually I got the tickets, but to be honest I was a wreck after that. It's like Ticketmaster is geared up to make the Customer fail. Long Story Short, have my tickets, but man, tough!! Get your act together Ticketmaster.