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  1. Dm me if interested. I'm on site at venue. Credit card entry so I'll meet u GA tix
  2. I'm trying to figure out how early I should arrive at red zone in Dallas. Can anyone who attended previous shows on the JT tour tell us how early you arrived at RZ and how crowded it was? Also I'm thinking being near stage b is a good spot. Any thoughts? Thanks
  3. EdsawU2

    It's a sign

    I'm sure some from east Texas will pass through Clayton, Texas
  4. Thanks to all for your replies! I feel better
  5. I have a nice problem. I got 3 GA tix last week presale. Those are credit card entry. Today, just for grins I searched for 3 Red Zone tix and somehow got them. Now I'm trying to figure out if it will be possible to get a total of 6 people through the Red Zone initial entry to the stadium in Arlington (3 GA, 3 Red Zone). Or do I need to get with my GA people in one line, get them in, and then get my 3 into the Red Zone line. Anyone have any insight? Thanks