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  1. I signed up as well as my dad. Don't mind driving to London from the mainland this coming weekend. Keeping my fingers crossed .
  2. Folks, U2.com made a great gesture in January last year. All existing memberships were extended until 31 of January of 2017!!!! That was a clear hint that a tour might be popping up somewhere along the line. Mine would originally lapse early December, but because of the extension I didn't have to renew. Everyone moaning and complaining about letting the memberships laps probably let it lapse back in 2015!! Stop complaining and take your responsibility and be pro-active!! When people let their subscription lapse there's always the risk of not getting what you want ticket wise. I guess everyone in the Red Hill Group got what they wanted. Thing is, when radiostations across the country start encouraging people to take out subscriptions you know you're in trouble in presales. I'm happy that U2 takes care of their loyal fans.
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