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  1. Just to let you know mine just arrived Tracked 48 delivery. Thankfully I was sick with a migraine yesterday so didn't see your messages yesterday on here or I'd have been really stressing like a good 'un as mine hadn't arrived! I too had that envelope open before I even closed the door! Happy, relieved me
  2. Hi, Mine just been delivered by Tracked 48 service - so I'm pleased and relieved. Thanks everyone and hope you all have a really great time too
  3. Yeah good point. I have seated but those GA ticket admissions on lanyard may well be an issue if you have to go to box office before - hopefully that is not the case for you Joeyanne. I'm miffed as arriving late anyway (into support) so its going to be a damn nightmare if I have to do this as well (with young daughter in tow). Ticketmaster don't seem to have a clue what is going on with these lanyard tickets. Everyone you speak to has something different to say about it.
  4. I'm kind of the same but I'm taking my little daughter so don't want hassle when I get there to find out someone is already in on my ticket or I get in and someone in my seat and we have problems, or we have to queue to get to a box office etc to sort it all out with a nine year old stressing out about it all. I'm not calling today will call Tuesday I think and see what they say. Just worried me when she said they'd gone out and I did express the point the paper ones had arrived already and I wasn't meaning those, she even went to a manager, told me they (lanyards) were being distributed from Manchester apparently, how true that is I cannot say. They have offered to cancel and reissue with a new barcode but then you are in the position of not knowing which is which if double turns up and was told they'd do that nearer the time. Either way stress I didn't want from the booking. But I agree it feels slightly less worrying when more people don't have them. I don't think I want to be waiting 5 days before to get in touch though as that isn't enough time to get tickets out, can you imagine thousands calling all on the 5 days before trying to get tickets reissued etc for arrival in time. I'm off on the Friday so mine would have to be here by the Thursday at the latest.
  5. Hi, sorry I hadn't followed up with any of the above messages been offline for a week. Mine still haven't arrived. I phoned last Friday and I was told they were dispatched end of April and told to call again today if not arrived. I'm starting to think they may have not been sent yet given the amount of folk saying they haven't had them, but it does appear that Ticketmaster haven't got a clue as to the progress when you speak with them. My status on my account says the same as it does for the paper tickets we got for friends and they arrived start of the month so the status thing doesn't seem to be updated either to help confirm the ticket status as both the received and non received ones show an identical message. I'm curious to hear if anyone with lanyard ones actually has had yet for Twickenham I can see Croke Park ones are out there.
  6. If it makes you feel any better, mine haven't. Ordered 4 tickets, two lanyard two paper, the two paper arrived 2 weeks ago. Am going to give ticketmaster a call tomorrow to see if they have been despatched as would have thought they would all come out together. Anything yet with you since this post?
  7. I'm still waiting on the collector ticket x 2 for the Sunday at Twickenham. I got a set of printed ones a good fortnight or so ago now I ordered for friends at the same time (and very mediocre tickets they were too, not even a band picture or something!), but my own personal lanyard tickets I ordered I'm still hanging for. Has anyone got lanyard ones in hand yet? I'm searching the thread but can't see if anyone has. Thanks people.
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