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  1. True or false? Who is informed? Thanks


    1. Max Tsukino

      Max Tsukino

      no one can know at the moment... Please check U2.com periodically for the official information about the band...

  2. I've seen this image on f.b.I don' t know if it is a fake or real.I hope there will be a new concert or at least a sort of reunion.If you have news, please let me know! Thanks
  3. Sorry I had to cut mine because I am writing a story in Italian and I put it inside the story and it must be unpublished.
  4. I am writing a story in Italian of a young girl who is in love with rock and in particular withU2.Her life is linked to the special moments of this band.I am going to participate in a competition.If you understand Italian I will give you the link so that you can read the incipit of it and if you like  you can leave me  a like. The final prize will be the publication of the whole story! If you are interested , please let me know and when it is possible ( half March) , I' ll send you the link.Thanks on advance everybody!

  5. It would be nice if they colud sing our songs. What a satisfaction it would be for us!
  6. Piazza Plebiscito ( Naples) on 10th June 2020.It' s a big square but there are tickets to listen to the concert.
  7. I see what you mean and it is not fine... but you know my experience in Italy as a red hill fan was quite different.For this reason I have expressed my point of view.I didn' t buy tickets for Australia or Asia but I did for Europe in the last tours .Everything is referred to my experience.
  8. I think renewing the subscription is not for the so called " gift" but to feel part of the great family of U2.Actually ... in addition I have had the advantage to reserve the tickets in advance, to know a lot of people who really share my same passion.The "gift " or the " merchandise" (at least for me )is just irrelevant.
  9. In June Paul MaCartney in Naples .
  10. Yesterday the gift for the new subscription arrived! It was amazing...only 15 days from the arrival of the last year gift! This year , I think will be of great surprises 🤣👍
  11. All their songs...♥️🤟
  12. Arrived on 24th December....A gorgeous Christmas gift....♥️♥️♥️♥️
  13. Happy New Year 2020 from Italy! https://youtu.be/vdLuk2Agamk
  14. When U2 in Europe? Australia and Asia  are enjoying them ...When Europe again?

    1. Manohlive


      I don't think the western part of our world will see them until there is a new album but who knows?  It's a nice thought but could you send them to America too?  😉

    2. mariated


      America and Europe with their new songs of ascent...🤟🎵🎵🎵

  15. I know it is impossible but imagine it might come true... Has it ever happened to you you felt inspirated and wrote something that U2 would sing? May be it will never happen but let's try ...It's only a game...
  16. I wish I were at all U2's cocerts.Spiritually I ALWAYS feel there but it is not enough ..Just waiting for the European tour...I can't wait...♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  17. Waiting anxiously for the Songs of ascent....and the new European tour

  18. I have received the mail by u2.com but the gift not yet.My gift was skipped on 31st Oct.I am from Italy.
  19. Waiting for the songs of ascent....

  20. U2 in Mumbai .Great!!! A breath of freedom and love!!! I won’t be there but I appreciate that Bono and friends take their music in a spiritual and controversial country. Where nobody can "music" can but the one by U2. It can always tear down the walls and cross the heart of everybody!!!
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