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  1. I was 11 years old when Elvis passed. Knowing it was a huge loss but definitely in the bubble of my 6th grade world...just ending the summer. I grew up with a Grandma who sang Elvis Presley songs often. There are no clear and exact moment memories. I recall seeing the newspaper coverage of his death the following day.
  2. It's no secret
  3. I like the dynamic rhythm of this one! Great work, pain_18_!
  4. Alive!
  5. Desert this evening consisted of way too many Pepperidge Farm Geneva distinctive cookies!
  6. 40 322 pain_18_ - Sounds like breathing and keeping up with that showing up at the page is working! So encouraging to hear! illumination70 -I can relate! Changes are constant and not always easy. You are not alone. Frankaz - I am glad you are Bob fevered and counting too! Lol. padawanbeck84 - Congratulations on you library treasures! Somehow it never gets old to go to a library and leave with volumes in tow. The library is one of my most favorite places to frequent. hestia - Best to you and your time crunch. Breakthroughs are yours!
  7. Always. Here today, gone tomorrow Crack the bone, get to the marrow To be a bee and the flower Before the sweetness turns to sour (Video is obviously not official...sorry guys! It is all about THE MUSIC!)
  8. Amen/so be it, dlacy!! Take heart that the mysterious ways of the Almighty have a way of watching out even for meaningful t shirt collections...finding the lost is big on the agenda too!!
  9. Hello there, everyone who has posted on this stream! I have found two web sites of organizations in my local area that may be of interest and even an upcoming rally for Rally for Giant Sequoia National Monument coming up on August 22, 2017! Here are the links: (I do realize this meeting took place 2 days ago, but for there is a person and a group that may be a good connecting point.) I hope that helps some of you and any others who may view these posts.
  10. Great work! Made me smile! Thank you, brendo1704, I needed to smile just about now!
  11. 40 313 tan _lejos_tan_cerca, do you have any places that are non Facebook posted for your artwork such as a website or a blog?
  12. 40 312 - padawanbeck84, glad you are making progress in the garden and with your writing as you head for university. I have been connected with a writing group that offers prompts that is helping me just in little fits and starts in little time increments with poetry and prose. pain_18_ , the right moments will present themselves for your creativity to happen. Don't give up and keep showing up that's how it's worked for me!
  13. Current mood for me..uneasy and agitated. (She says after just having a cup of very strongly brewed Starbucks coffee!! ) You are smart to reduce your caffeine intake, hestia. I think we're all adjusting to new levels of the chaos and tension and how to remain peaceful in the midst. It is a challenge but I know it's possible. New skills for a new season on so many levels!
  14. My current mood as I read your post- HOPEFUL for your new job orientation turning out well. Congratulations to you, illumination70! You get to to an orientation how fortunate are you that's great!
  15. Breakfast - Oatmeal with raisins, walnuts, brown sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, milk, flax seed, wheat germ, coffee, fresh squeezed orange juice from the orange tree in the yard.