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  1. 42 163 - Good morning! 7:50 am coffee and count time.
  2. Stunned at this sad news tonight too, illumination70. ?
  3. Hopeful explosion of new possibilities in 2018!! Mandala.
  4. 42 156 - Watching the evening news and just heard about Dolores....?
  5. 42 143 - Resting on Sunday afternoon as I plough through the amazing food magazines a friend gave me for this week's menu and grocery list. Domestic bliss....
  6. I saw the following quotation on the side of a Takis chip delivery truck that I took as a personal charge! It said : "FACE THE INTENSITY!" I laughed but then took it to heart as we live in intense times and it calls for us to COURAGEOUSLY face it all!! God, help us to do this!!
  7. 42 118 - 10:20 pm and all is well. Good night everyone!
  8. I seriously enjoyed a $5.75 movie tonight at my local Regal Cinema, Coco!!
  9. 42 108 - Good afternoon! Rain and it is 61 F / 16.111 C here.
  10. 42 100 - Sunday afternoon (3:33 pm) counting! Sunny 67 F/19 C. Reading a book in the backyard in the sun with my cat! (Pretend this is a cat, okay?)
  11. Sympathetic . (( Hug )) and prayers, bluegrace!
  12. 42 088 And I must say good evening to you, pasawanbeck84! Good for you! I plan on writing more poems this weekend and maybe touch that NaNoWriMo novel that needs a little love in the form of more WORDS! Happy writing to you and all other writers out there in Zootopia-land! Listening to SOE while making Chicken Taco Salad! Have a good weekend!
  13. 42 074 - Late afternoon/early evening count entry seems like the right thing for me to do... it is 4:50 pm and all is well.
  14. Excellent! Our teacher, our preacher, it’s nature
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