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  1. YAY, photos too! You are amazing! Thanks for these posts!
  2. Sing a little song of trust, O my heart! Sing it just because you must, As leaves start; As flowers push their way through dust; Sing, my heart, because you must. Wait not for an eager throng- Bird on bird; It's the solitary song That is heard. Every voice at dawn will start, Be a nightingale, my heart! Sing across the winter snow, Pierce the cloud; Sing when mists are drooping low- Clear and loud; But sing sweetest in the dark; He who slumbers not will hark. (Unknown author)
  3. 42 067 - Good afternoon everyone! Tick tock...
  4. 42 062 Counting on New Year's Day evening. 6:57 pm and all is well!
  5. Good job, Padawanbeck84! You inspire me to go and do likewise.
  6. Cats love SOE too...I saw this on the U2.com scroll/banner and had to repost it!
  7. 42 053 It is still New Year's Eve here, 7:24 PM. Time to add to the count after a nice NYE dinner of salad, gnocchi and Martinelli's Sparkling Cider...yeah, the hard stuff for me! LOL! Happy New Year everyone!
  8. (I wrote a writing exercise for myself and maybe you too, on the morning of December 25, 2017. ) Look at your hands? What do you see? Write whatever comes to mind. My response... Big Hope Energy Life Potential Within you weaves Hope filled Life, Big potential and Life beyond your dreams. As renewal energies swirl about and conspire to bring you great good as one epoch ends and another begins. Happy New Year everyone in Zootopia-land! ♥️natural11
  9. Helbig, glad to be in that number! Take care! ♥️??
  10. 42 044 - Good morning everyone! Pre-sunrise counting on the very last day of 2017. All is well. Now where is that coffee?
  11. (( Hugs ... hope things are better today, Helbig! ))
  12. SMILE >>> Stand. Lenny Kravitz. https://www.vevo.com/watch/lenny-kravitz/stand/NLO111189005
  13. 42 040 - Saturday night (5:58 PM) is all right for counting!
  14. 42 014 Good morning! Sunny and 36 degrees Fahrenheit, 2.222 Celsius. Coffee....ahh, it is a Beautiful Day...don't let it get away!
  15. 41 998 caz63, that sounds like a good idea! I pulled out an oldie but a goodie as I get going this morning! Just had to share!
  16. 41 996 - Hello tan_l! Good to see you on the Count! Good morning everyone! COFFEE!
  17. I am not posting this in a Debbie Downer way...at least that is not my intention, motivation or actuality. The reason I've chosen to post it is because I am finding at a deeper level than ever before, JOY in my place/position/state of LIFE! Truly liberating! Thank you to Andrea Dorfman who has put into this idea into You Tube format what I have been finding more and more these days !
  18. Great! I baked a loaf of bread that appeared almost an inedible because it was a little scorched for our Christmas dinner, but actually on the inside and some of the middle pieces it was actually okay! The good thing that happened to me was what looked like it was going to be a dry loaf of bread was enjoyed by all!
  19. 41 990 -Sounds like fun, Padawanbeck84! ENJOY!
  20. It reminds me of fire works but with plants and trees! I agree with Helbig, Brill details!
  21. For to us a Child shall be born, to us a Son shall be given; And the government shall be upon His shoulder, And His name shall be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. Isaiah 9:6
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