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    It's with a very heavy heart that I write this review. The U2 gig in Manchester on Friday 19th October was a great day for celebration as it was my Nan's 104th birthday (she's still going strong) so we started the day with her in Warwick before jumping on the train to Manchester for the gig with my dad. Unknown at the time was it would be the last time I spent time with my dad as he passed away a few days after the gig. We both had an amazing time, the setlist was great, the visuals were amazing and we sang our lungs out to the old classics. Happy happy memories. I just hope that one of the songs on the 2019 subscriber gift will be from that night. A big ask and highly unlikely but it would make it so much more special. There is a light We can't always see If there is a world We can't always be If there is a dark That we shouldn't doubt And there is a light Don't let it go out
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