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  1. Found two of the companies behind the design of the screen and video technology (with collaboration from Willie W, Anton C, etc). I am proud that our rock band, yes plays an album that is 30 years old (no that I mind at all, more please, but we hear the critics) still uses cutting edge technology never done before. Basically We are watching 4K video on a 200x43 feet screen in a stadium! This tour is going to change how concerts are done, similarly to what happened after ZooTV The screen: SPACEFRAME™SPACEFRAME is a revolutionary touring frame design seamlessly integrating LED panels to provide industry-changing operational efficiencies and the opportunity for unlimited creative expression. The carbon fiber touring frame is ultra-lightweight, collapsible and fully wind braced creating an intensive built-in structural strength. The video: 4K Broadcast Camera System The U2 tour also marks the introduction of PRG’s 4K (UHD) Broadcast Camera System as a first for concert touring. The PRG broadcast system, developed and integrated over three months, is a combination of products that can operate in 4K (UHD) and 3G SMPTE Standards. This design philosophy allows concurrent production to operate at the highest level of broadcast standards. The system delivers 60 frames per second (fps) with a UHD resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels. The concert touring system interconnects cameras and LED wall processors on fiber because of the enormous amounts of data and length of signal distances. The entire broadcast touring system can be set up within an hour and is designed to be operated by one video engineer, eliminating the need for four-to-five onsite engineering positions. “PRG has been a part of every U2 tour since 1992 and the band always challenges us with pushing technology to its limits,” said Wolfgang Schram, PRG’s director of video engineering. “We have to be creative and that is the fun part.” https://www.prg.com/news_media/news/spaceframe_80eedff85cf247619fe28de491e89b9a The PA towers: http://www.stufish.com/project/u2 Huge custom built structural beams have been designed to cantilever the PA and lighting high above the video screen to avoid it hanging infront of the video screen. This pushes the limits of the engineering possibilities to redefine how these shows are done. This pure statement together with minimal clutter on the stage delivers the largest and most spectacular landscapes and portraits throughout the show.
  2. Just got back from Rose Bowl show 1. This time GA and very close to stage just a bit off Larry's back in stage B. Incredible sound even that close. The screen is just unreal. That close and you cannot see the LED's separation (Far distant from Popmart). I hope we eventually get details. Is it 4K def? What camera did they use? etc. The main stage is higher than usual and higher than stage b but less than my initial estimates. The addition of the firm microphone stand (some people were calling it the pole dancing pole, ja!) for Bono is also new and cool. It seems like his shoulder/elbow are doing better although still not playing guitar. They made TJT a cinematic album and they did make sure the tour was going to be the same. Visuals to remember forever!
  3. Thanks! Probably the first time I see such an event with WOWU. The rest of the JT songs sounded like they were very well rehearsed.
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    Limited view

    Hi, Just fresh from U2 concert at Santa Clara Levi's Stadium last night. We got tickets for section 102 which is down to almost GA level to the right on the picture below. ******Keep in mind, the audio/video engineering tent for this tour is the biggest I've seen of all concerts and it DOES block the view for the initial 4-5 songs and the screen**** Actually, section 101 which is right behind it was pretty empty last night. Most of us had to see the show standing on some other areas. Luckily, Levi's has good views from the food court area and we, as true fans, managed and adjusted to the conditions but we spent a lot of money on those tickets. It is what it is and take this not as a complain but as an observation if you are going to see the boys and have tickets in the 10x sections. 2 cents
  5. Comments on with or without you at Santa Clara? Was it Adam starting late or Bono letting people sing. It was not clear from afar. Those of you (GA) nearby, what did you see/hear?
  6. Does anyone know/read more about the main stage screen and images shown during the concert? Of course, Willie W and Anton C are involved but how about the new images? They are amazing but they don't seem to be from the band's Death Valley/Bodie/Mojave/JT NP bus drive era. The U2.com only provided the following: http://www.u2.com/news/title/opening-night "That second stage featured a perfect shadow of the giant silver Joshua Tree that grows out of the main, custom-built screen, which is the largest unobscured and highest-resolution LED screen ever used in a touring production"...."Then to the main stage, which burst into living colour as if the tree had reached maturity in seconds flat. To a huge cheer, the first of longtime visual collaborator Anton Corbijn's stunningly renewed visual representations of ‘The Joshua Tree' imagery appeared in breathtaking high definition..." Aq-
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