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    u2 song of the day


    Who is going?

    60 days!!! This week arrived my ticket 😎 Plane tickets and hotel in Cologne ready ✔️
  3. I agree 100%, love that song! where do I sign? 😋

    Who is going?

    You could identify me because I'll take the Colombian flag 😅

    Who is going?

    Thanks! Ok, just in case, I will ask to my mobile operator about international roaming. 90 days!!! I'm excited, I got my flying tickets and it's my first travel to Germany I'll arrive in Cologne on the 4th of September and I will stay 3 days. Wir sehen uns

    u2 song of the day

    She’s gonna dream out loud...

    New Members Introduction Thread

    Hi! I'm not really newbie or well, more or less. I have one year like subscriber paid and I decided enter to this forum because I've bought tickets for Joshua Tree Tour when U2 visited my country for first time, it's was my first U2 concert, btw. I'm 39 years old, I'm engineer, from Barranquilla, Colombia, but I live in Bogotá. I met U2 music much deeper when I was in College when my best friend lent me her Zooropa cd and I'm fell in love with U2 😍

    Who is going?

    Another question: In that seats can I pick up some page from the confetti that fall from the rafters? or they only fall in GA? I would want one like souvenir 😳🙈

    Who is going?

    Does anyone know about if the Lanxess Arena has WiFi? I hope too.
  10. SAYDEE

    Who is going?

    Hi sortof! Thanks a lot for your help. My instinct wasn't bad 😅 Ticket ready for September 5 (I bought it today after reading your explanation):
  11. Oh, OK, he is accompanied in his grieving 😪. But like I said, it's weird that the outer cardboard wrap and plastic package are intact. Other friends here in Bogotá got theirs vinyls in good condition using our national postal service. Well, U2 team had reshipped my vinyls because they don't appear, and when they get stock again, nevertheless I would be happy only with new vinyl record jackets.
  12. It's possible but the outer cardboard wrap is intact and below it were the boxes cut, and the plastic package was intact too, in all its borders. It's something weird. Btw, only me? How lucky I am 😂
  13. My lost vinyls appear today, but in poor condition and not because of the courier service 😕 all the boxes of my vinyls are in a poor state, vinyls packaging are broken in two sides, every package, like they were cut with a knife and the plastic was in perfect condition so the vinyls came from production in bad conditions and they weren't damaged by courier services. Like they didn't check them by quality control. So sad 😪
  14. Well, mine never arrived. I contacted support and U2 team told me that they would forward my vinyls, so I hope get them this time 😔
  15. SAYDEE

    Who is going?

    Hi, I'm living in Bogotá (Colombia) and I would like to go to the second show in Cologne but it is not quite clear to me what is P1, P2, P3... and what's the difference between them? Is it like levels? What is the best seat in these available seats? what do you recommend? It's my first time in arena and here in Colombia until this year we'll have arenas in our country. Thank you 😊