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  1. Got them. Thanks for the help, mods.
  2. Nope. Still no innocence option.
  3. I'm Wide Awake... I'm not sleeping... (3 a.m. here....) HA! Still trying. Still no button. 3:13 a.m.
  4. still not working. no innocence option up on ticketmaster for dublin Nov. 10
  5. It's 9:05 and no option up on TM yet for innocence presale for Dublin. Help??
  6. U2GirlHusband

    Round 2 Verified Fan or General Onsale GA Success?

    I tried for Vegas yesterday, nothing. Today, I've only received error messages again and again for both NY2 and BO2. I haven't been able to pull a thing since exactly 10 a.m. and I keep trying... this is all I get after my codes are accepted!