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  1. Hi guys, I'm travelling to Barcelona to see U2 on 18 July. I've been to three shows before and never had problems getting tickets, but this time I got mine via Viagogo - and that was before I found out that you may be asked to show your credit card along with your GA ticket on entry. So now I'm super worried I won't be allowed in, especially given the fact that the ticket I got is one of a four-ticket package. I know I should have been more cautious and probably read the rules more carefully, but the damage is done - I'm travelling to Barcelona all the way from Ukraine and I already paid more than face value for my ticket. Has anyone been in a situation like this? Should I give it a shot anyway? I think it's great that the band is fighting ticket touts, but in this case it seems that it's the ordinary fans who will be affected... Would be grateful for any advice/insight
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