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  1. Got one spare ticket. Seated. Cusack stand lower tier. Row H. Seat 9. For sale.. face value: 186€
  2. Got 1 spare ticket. (Friend that could'nt go anyway). Cusack stand - Lower tier. Block 307. Row H Seat 9. (Paper ticket from ticketmaster) 186€ I'm arriving in Dublin Thursday. So we Can arrange to meet up somewhere to make the exchange. mod edit - image removed as it showed barcode
    FINALLY i got the opportunity to go to a U2 concert... ???? This is a experience, that i have dreamt about in over 20 years.. and now.. the opportunity finally arrived. And what joy it is, that it's going to be in Dublin... Let's just say, that i'm more exited, then 6 year old for Christmas.. ?? See You all in Dublin... Wish You all one heck of a show.. Claus "one HAPPY camper!"
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