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  1. No shipping notification , but the singles arrived today . Exactly 10 months after my initial order. I placed my order for POP and ATYCLB vinyl at my local record store seeing it took almost 7 weeks for me to get the songs of experience box set from U2 .com , shop at U2.com i will not anymore
  2. Totally agree complete BS on U2's behalf
  3. Nice new vinyl re issues from U2 of Pop , Wide Awake , and ATYCLB, PRE ORDER NOW FOR DELIVERY IN 2020
  4. They wont give you a refund , I have already had this discussion with them , I have reported them to the advertising standards in Ireland and they are investigating them now . March 1st no singles , U2 STORE said you'll get them in September , or November perhaps December , Now February , still no singles. Thankfully U2 store is not responsible for aid relief as they would be a total disaster . I strongly advise that this is outsourced to a more reliable operator that knows what they are doing as obviously U2 STORE has no idea what it is doing . AMEN
  5. Running to stand still with the 2017 gift , no show in Australia . What an absolute disaster
  6. Could not agree more , its an absolute disgrace
  7. No gift since my renewal in May 2017 , no one at u2 store can give me an answer , and then they go and put the same gift for the 2018 subscription , what a bunch of morons they have running the store site when they cant even get the gifts to the people they were meant to , seriously can anyone on planet earth tell us what is going on with the 10 inch sub gifts , anyone ....anyone ...anyone