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  1. not you guys. i appreciate your help. i mean the actual support team. why aren't they monitoring this??
  2. and why is no one help me from here? where's the support?
  3. how did they mess this up. this is the last set of tickets to go on sale and they messed it up. how????
  4. i didn't get my option till after 940 ... i was screwed ...
  5. check the timeline ... they were sold out before i even got a chance .... why?
  6. if nobody had access and it was the same for everyone how did they sell out? that makes no sense
  7. i don't mind losing out in a fair fight but i was put in the ring with my hands tied behind my back ... look at the time on this ...9:40 ... no option to click ..and i tired the 3 main browsers ... and when i finally get in theyre all gone ....and now my sisters crying and it's my fault .. i'm gutted. someones going to explain this to me so i can explain it to my sister. who do i talk to? how do i get in touch with them?
  8. where are the mods ....why did this happen. i never got a fair shot.
  9. where are the mods ....why did this happen. i never got a fair shot.
  10. i feel robbed here guys. i never got a chance. how do i lodge a complaint or something???
  11. they're gone ... months of planning ... gone. i'm so disappointed in this system. why was it so slow to come through for me? what happened? ... i'm gutted guys. i'll keep trying but ...
  12. and now i have to break the news to my sister ...
  13. only just got my option and theyre ... thanks guys. ... what a disaster
  14. where are the mods gone. please help guys