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  1. I am a photographer named Mona van den Berg, and I am writing with a special request for U2. But first allow me to introduce myself. II work as a freelance photographer for both Dutch and international media outlets, such as Al Jazeera and The Guardian. My style of photography is distinct and recognizable, both my portraits and documentaries are raw, realistic and authentic. In 2012, Erwin Olaf named me a Dutch Talent for the photography magazine Focus. In 2014 I won the second prize at the Zilveren Camera, the most prestigious Dutch prize for photography, in the category National Documentary. You can see some of my work at my website www. monavandenberg.nl. I am currently working on a project named “just before the spotlight, which eventually will result in a book. In this project, I capture famous musicians two minutes before they go on stage. The pure concentration, the tension, the adrenaline and the joy, that unfurl in these final moments before the curtain rises, that is what I want to commit to film. What happens just before you step on to that stage, in front of an audience of hundreds or thousands of impatent fans? Does the tension wane after years of perfomance experience, or is it still the same as with those first, scary gigs? I executed a similar concept two years ago, when I photographed actors and comedians moments before they went on stage. You can see some of the portraits here: http://www.monavandenberg.nl/portraits. These portraits were published in the television journal VPRO Gids. I hope U2 would like to participate in this project on the 29th of July in the Arena AmsterdamThe Netherlands. It won't cost them any additional time, and I promiss I will be as invisible as possible. I will dedicate the next year to the book is published. Additionally, the Dutch quality newspaper de Volkskrant will publish at least some of the portraits. They will receive a rights-free copy of the photograph. If you have any questions, you can reach me at the following phonenumber or at this e-mailaddress. Warm regards, Mona van den Berg (mod edit - no emails or phone umbers allowed in posts)
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