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  1. Quick comment, I agree no one should be shot down in their car. But, why does everyone forget, he ran from the police "Why?" Let's say he was a heroin dealer, think about all of the people or children that die from heroin in this country! Who is protecting them, who is protesting for them! As he sped away from the police at 80 mph. How many people did he put at risk. Innocent people were put into danger. If a family got hurt or killed by this chase, I doubt if you would see thousands of people protesting about their lives and death. My father taught me and I have taught my son, if you get pulled over obey the police, do what they ask you to do. If you have nothing to hide, aren't a smart ass to authority or have a chip on your shoulder like you are entitled for everything, you will avoid conflict and eliminate your risk of being hurt. I can tell you I have been pulled over before, ask for driver license and insurance etc. I didn't mouth off, I didn't get out the car and run, I didn't speed away. And nothing happened, I got a speeding ticket, which I deserved. Whatever color you might be it doesn't matter! If you break the law!!!!!! That is your choice!!!!!! Once YOU cross the line and do this, YOU put yourself at risk to be hurt or god forbid killed.........This country needs to wake up, protect and protest for people that are lawful do the right thing. VS. others that are criminals. My wife, son and I were going to the concert in St.Louis, it was his first concert. It is too bad that one man made a CHOICE to run for HIS crimes. AND 40,000 hard working citizens, law abiding people get taken for granted, U2 fans should have protested for people that "CHOOSE NOT TO BREAK THE LAW"! Also, if people don't understand - The tax payer "YOU & ME" are paying for all these protests and riots! Police protection, national guard etc. "WAKE UP AMERICA" Would have really enjoyed that concert with my family!!!!!
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