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  1. Did anyone else experience problems with the ticketmaster mobile app? I tried purchasing tickets through the android app for the innocence presale group. The app told me multiple times that an error had occurred when I tried to purchase a ticket. Finally, the app told me I had successfully purchased a ticket. When I went to my ticketmaster account later though, ticketmaster said I had purchased 3 tickets even though the mobile app only showed a successfully purchased ticket once. I had somehow purchased 3 tickets when the limit for the innocence group was one. I contacted ticketmaster to refund me the 2 tickets that should not have been purchased because the mobile app said an error occurred. Ticketmaster told me it was my own fault and they would not refund me (not even for the 3rd ticket that exceeded the 2 ticket limit). I contacted my credit card company to dispute the claim. Did anyone else experience a similar problem? Does anyone have any other suggestions for how I might get refunded for those two tickets that should not have been purchased?
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