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  1. RustyO

    Who's Excited?!

    I'm getting fired up for the show! Been spinning SOE a lot at the apartment. I'm not sure where I'm pregaming yet. Probably McNellie's. Depends on how many friends come from out of town and if I need to play "host' or not. I'm GA as well but not lining up early, too much partying to be had downtown.
  2. RustyO

    Tulsa - to do/see

    I would highly recommend locking down something downtown asap. There aren't many hotels downtown (some are under construction now but that won't help). If there is nothing available downtown, there are places outside of downtown and Uber can get you downtown.
  3. RustyO

    Tulsa - to do/see

    Not really a Cattleman's equivalent downtown. There is a couple of pricey steak places downtown called Prhyme and The Bull in the Alley. The Tavern is a more reasonably priced restaurant in the neighborhood. They have a steak or two on their menu.
  4. RustyO

    Hotels in Tulsa (BOK Center)

    The Fairfield is great as mentioned above. The Hamlton Inn is new right by the arena. Aloft is right by the arena (make sure it’s the downtown Aloft). Downtown Tulsa is very walkable and there are bars/restaurants all over. Good places near the arena and good places within a mile. I live and work downtown. Feel free to ask any questions.
  5. RustyO

    Who's Excited?!

    Now I'm very excited! Is it May 2 yet?
  6. RustyO

    Who's Excited?!

  7. RustyO 2018 Subscription FAQ Thread

    I haven't had the chance until now to sit down and recall my experience this week. I'm pretty sure i have GA tickets for Tulsa. I re-uped my membership with the tour announcement and the opening show being less than a mile from my apartment. I was in the Innocence group for the resale. I got the E-mail the night before explaining how I should be getting a text message the next morning, I got the text with my code at 10:20am (CST). That was a relief after reading that some people never got their codes. Innocence pesale started at Noon (CST) and I was dialed and a ready. Like most, my code wasn't working or available for Innocence. This went on for a few minutes that felt like a few hours. When it finally accepted the Innocence code, no GA was available, one Red Zone, a few lower bowl sections and a few upper bowl sections. I kept trying over and over and the sections would change but never GA. Figured I'd try the TM app on my iPhone and see if that would be different. Pulled up the Tulsa date, asked for two GAs, put in the code. Two GA tickets pop up for purchase! I went through the whole purchase process and took a screen shot with the order number and the two tickets purchased. I'm glad I took that screenshot because i never got a confirmation E-mail from Ticketmaster regarding my purchase like I always do immediately after a TM purchase. This made me nervous. The ticket purchase wasn;'t showing up on my TM app either. The Avett Bros. tickets I had purchased a couple of weeks ago were there, but not the U2 tickets. This made me quite nervous. I also tried getting tickets again with my code but the code wasn't active. This gave me hope. My bank app also show the purchase pending. This gave me hope. Later in the day, I call TM customer service to make sure they got the order okay. It took a whole to get through, I know it was a tough couple of days for those people answering the TM calls. After I gave them the order number, they said the order was there, and it was all good on their end. This was awesome to hear! Last night, I got the E-mail about getting the new CD with my ticket purchase. I still never got a confirmation E-mail from TM and the U2 tickets still don't show up on my account. Filled everything out for the CD delivery. Today, was hoping the tickets would be in the mail. I had seen someone had already received their Tulsa tickets Thursday after the Tuesday Experience resale. I usually get TM purchases 2-3 days so I was hoping they'd be there today. Nothing today. Fingers crossed they arrive tomorrow.
  8. RustyO

    Tulsa - to do/see

    The Woody Guthrie Center is a must! Spinster Records is in that same neighborhood called the Tulsa Arts District. Lots of good bars and restaurants within a mile of the BOK Center. Downtown is walkable and Uber/Lyft is good for getting around too.
  9. RustyO

    Who's Excited?!

    I got GA today! I live and work in downtown Tulsa so I can walk to the show!