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  1. What's "Zoo"?

    Thanks, Betty. I wish I could have seen them on that tour, but I hadn’t been born yet.
  2. What's "Zoo"?

    I could have gone there, but I wanted a more reputable source, like here.
  3. Your U2 Spotify Playlist

    One that has a little LCD with a clock on it (I don't know if it's digital in any other way really because I'm not a hipster)
  4. Your U2 Spotify Playlist

    My playlist is entitled "OH NO! NOT U2!" in honor of everyone I drive crazy with my favorite band. I have 101 of their songs on it, and I like to use the playlist to practice my singing skills.
  5. Your U2 Spotify Playlist

    Except for the hipsters who brought vinyl back in style with digitized record players.
  6. New Members Introduction Thread

    Looks like there’s a lot I don’t know about attending a U2 concert (my first will be in June.) How do you get a GA?
  7. Achtung Baby: why?

    U2 have reached me spiritually too. I didn’t convert because of them, but when I struggled with my faith, God reached out to me through U2, my favorite band, and saved me from despair.God bless U2, Billy Graham (RIP), and everyone who believes because of them.
  8. New Members Introduction Thread

    OK. If I had the good luck (and the money) for a front row U2 ticket, I’d risk the rail once , quite possibly with a helmet and other gear to minimize crushing since I’m small too but a crazy fan.
  9. New Members Introduction Thread

    What’s the rail?
  10. New Members Introduction Thread

    I will be listening with rapt attention in Washington DC. Where will you hear it?
  11. New Members Introduction Thread

    I like “Song for Someone “ better than “13”, but “13” is a good new take on or reprise of “Song for Someone.” And who doesn’t love the flirting and gratitude flowing through “Landlady “.
  12. New Members Introduction Thread

    Welcome, Stellaria (pretty name) My favorite SOE songs are “Lights of Home,” “Summer of Love,” and “The Little Things That Give You Away.”
  13. Music is “girly” - interview with Bono

    The security guy’s experience makes sense. I had no idea Larry has that kind of pain to deal with, magnified who knows how much by his job. Lay down a thundering beat with your hands and feet while your tendons pulse with pain? Ouch Larry also has a naturally stony face and his features are stiff whether he likes it or not. Like in Rattle and Hum, when he gets to sit on his idol Elvis’s motorcycle, his small smile would only indicate mild pleasure if he was Bono, but though he’s containing his excitement, he’s the happiest kid in the world at that moment, if you know how to read him. On a lighter note, this picture illustrates his focus and personality pretty well: True friendship never misses a beat.
  14. Music is “girly” - interview with Bono

    I haven’t paid as much attention to Larry, since he’s way better at keeping secrets than Bono and he’s always been thin, but he’s a health nut and the band’s voice of reason, so if he’s lethargic or upset, that’s troubling for him and the whole band. U2 needs all of its members and it needs them all happy and healthy, but what the members need for happiness and health change somewhat with time, and those changes are rarely insignificant, especially changing old habits. St. Luke (patron saint of doctors and health and artists ), St. Cecilia, St. Gregory the Great, St. Apollonia, St. Genesius, St. John Ogilve (patron saints of music, musicians, singers, dancers, and entertainers), and St. Patrick and Our Lady of Knock, pray for U2, their families, the friends, and their fans.
  15. Music is “girly” - interview with Bono

    I see what you’re saying now. The whole truth will set Bono free, when he’s ready. Maybe all the little hints that escape are a result of his truth telling instinct and his fear fighting inside him. His fear is still too strong to let him speak out, but his instinct can’t be entirely suppressed. It must be rough. I’ll keep praying for him.