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  1. Not sure what my next concert will be, unless watching the film version of Metallica’s S&M 2 concert with the San Francisco Orchestra on Wednesday counts as a concert.
  2. You’re really mixing your metaphors there, Doc. 😀
  3. Yes I do, but the vinyl is still stuck on the shelf because the mp3s and lack of a record player make it double redundant . I could play CDs and mp3s.
  4. @Max Tsukino, @mich40, @bigwave, I sent an email to customer service, and I got a positive reply in just a few hours: We're sorry the 2019 gift subscription was not available. We understand you wish to switch the gift included with your membership. We're happy to help! We're going to see if the gift can be changed to the INNOCENCE + EXPERIENCE LIVE, 2015 & 2018, and we'll be in touch with you soon, but please note it may be 5-7 business days for a response. (Thanks for your help too, and your patience. It looks like things will be fixed up for me. This was not part of the email, but I don't know how to turn off the rich text)
  5. I can assure you that it's no Pandora's Box, or at least that there is Hope in it, because I have opened my 3D dance mixes and have yet to hear any Desire remixes that leave much to be desired. You really might like the poster.
  6. Some of us don’t have or can’t afford record players. I loved the pictures and poster that were part of this year’s gift, but the poor neglected vinyl has to sit on a bookshelf because I can’t play it. I have multiple means for playing CDs.
  7. Dear @mich40 @Max Tsukino @bigwave This sounds like a really cool gift, and I would prefer it to the JT vinyl I had to choose when I renewed my membership 2 weeks ago. I wish there had been at least an option for choosing a "2019 subscriber gift TBD" much sooner. That there was not one or an earlier announcement of this new gift is not your fault, and is perhaps no one's fault, maybe it could not have been prepared or announced any faster, but I am not the only subscriber caught in a less than ideal situation. The additional gift of an extra and early subscription renewal is very generous, but I don't need and can't afford to resubscribe again so soon. It was a considerable financial sacrifice for me to resubscribe 2 weeks earlier, I was compelled financially to wait until less than 24 hours before my subscription lapsed to renew it. I made the renewal with the understanding that I would receive a new 2019 gift, and was perplexed to find that there wasn't one announced yet or an option to select a TBD "mystery" gift. I believe that people who have already renewed their subscriptions for 2019 should receive this 2019 gift without having to renew their accounts again, and personally, this would be a much better gift for me, since I do not have a record player for vinyl but I do have multiple CD-playing devices. I don't think it's fair for subscribers in my position to be compelled to pay for another subscription for 2020 to receive the 2019 gift. Is there anything that you can do? Thank you so much, Europa Thomas
  8. If I ever meet "Chrono," as he sometimes calls himself, I'll ask him if he got the "when the banks became cathedrals" line in the Coldplay song "Violet Hill" from "Lemon" or from "The Playboy Mansion."
  9. I highly recommend that everyone look up the parody song "Cavity Search," by Weird Al.
  10. Maybe Bono proves that you're never too old to acquire new skills.
  11. Never was clerical work so glamorous or less of a drudge.
  12. I wish I was in your dream, if only just to watch Bono and The Edge trying on hats.
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