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  1. Europe

    Mine arrived few minutes ago by email from retailer ( Wait quitely
  2. Europe

    My doubt is about a choice among different countries . Ie I used the italian retailer but I'd like to buy Paris show
  3. Europe

    So it gives you the choice among all the shows already scheduled?
  4. Europe

    Actually it's strange...
  5. Stage Layout

    u ##àà##àà!
  6. eXPERIENCE + iNNOCENCE Tour Heading To Europe

    Similar question: retailer code is valid for shows hold in another country?
  7. Europe

    Maybe he bought through amazon app and doesn’t have anymore the email previously linked
  8. Pre sale london O2

    Are you sure? Source? If it works like this would be absolutely unfair!
  9. Europe

    As far as I didn’t find it in faq: is it possible to use a presale codes for two different shows in two different countries (ie one tik for London and one for Paris)? Thanks
  10. That system is quite reasonable as a lot of others. It's just a matter of intentions and as far as U2 concerns unfortunately is clear that intention is missing. Sad and frustrating for us the fans but impossible to ignore
  11. Are Codes still included in Membership?

    The presale is over now, you don't need any code in order to buy the tickets still available. You could use the code for then European presale I suppose...
  12. behind the stage

    Lateral behind could be a good place then...
  13. Ciao mates, I'm thinking whether to go at MSQ shows (attending my U2 there is one of my dreams). I saw there are still tiks on sale for 2nd show and resale tiks for 1st night (even though the only affordable prices are for nose bleedings seats). I'd like to have paper tiks for my collections (I don't like e-tickets) do you think could I find someone selling them in NY? (I'll be there for a week in january). And is there some physical shop selling them in city? Thanks for help Beppe Italy
  14. This SOE is shaping up to be a gem

    SOE is simply amazing. The very beginning is a pure gem: love is all we have left gives you an incredible emotion and represents the take off of a fantastic journey. The album mix personal emotion, love for family, fear of death, hope for the future with a solid political stand in favour of solidarity and shelter. In my opinion the best U2 work of this century so far