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  1. I emailed Ticketmaster, but was told they would be ready 72 prior to the event. Does anyone know if I could log on to my Ticketmaster account when I’m in Melbourne and have it printet there? At the hotel? It shouldn’t be a problem I guess?
  2. I got 2 "print at home tickets", but it says that they will be delayed until 72 hours prior to the event. I''m flying in from Norway, so I guess this means I will have to log on to Ticketmaster when in Australia and print them there? If there would be a problem with this, does anyone know if it would be possible to collect them at the stadium prior to the show?
  3. I know the tour hasn’t been announced yet, but I see the poster say that you will have to use your mobile as your ticket. I’m from Norway, does anyone have any experience with this? I guess you won’t get access to Ticketmaster.au until you are in Australia?
  4. This must be real, no way Ticketmaster would announce this if not? According to U2songs the tour would be announced on Monday!
  5. Really? Just now? I’m so confused, I want to see them again so bad!
  6. I have folloved a link, U2 songs, with a lot of update regarding a tour in NZ, Australia, Singapore and Tokyo and now it seems to be closed. I am going on holiday to Australia from Norway and wanted so bad to see my favourite band while I was there. Havn’t booked any flight yet - does anyone know for sure that the tour is just rumors?
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